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shoulder pain and rotator cuff problems

It seems that things often go in cycles.  On Wednesday, we treated several cases of PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME as well as a number of shoulder problems.  One individual — a local rancher (hopefully we’ll get a video from him on his next visit in a couple of weeks) had come in because he heard that we fix shoulder problems.  He was that combination of skeptical desperation.  He did not think that we could help him, but he desperately wanted to avoid another shoulder surgery if at all possible.

He had already been through one Rotator Cuff Surgery and because his other shoulder now felt the same way, he and his wife had actually crossed off time on the calender later this winter for him to have surgery on his other Rotator Cuff — the one he was seeing me for.  He was fairly dumbfounded when he left the office.  His shoulder’s Range of Motion was almost normal, and his pain was at least 75% better —- instantly.  His shoulder pain was due to that typical combination of TENDINOSIS and FASCIAL ADHESIONS

Here are the three SHOULDER TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS we shot throughout the day on Wednesday.  Feel free to visit our ROTATOR CUFF PAGE as well.


Betty is one of my favorites.  She comes two  hours (from Springfield) to see us.  She was referred to us by a
 local friend of hers who had a serious, long-term, shoulder problem that we were able to fix several years ago.  She is back to have her other shoulder fixed. 
Cliff is the definition of a good ole country boy.  Years of heavy, hard work had left him with a shoulder that was wreaking havoc on his life.  Cliff may have been my very first shoulder patient over a decade ago.  That shoulder is still doing well.  Today we fixed his other shoulder. 
Michael is now in his 30’s.  I used to treat him back when he was in high school.  He hurt his shoulder playing football, and it was a constant  problem for him for years.  Two visits totally fixed that shoulder about five years ago.

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