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tendinosis:  have you been floxed?


“Most of the information available on the internet about fluoroquinolone toxicity is horrifying.  Fluoroquinolone toxicity is horrifying.  It is scary.  It is completely unacknowledged by the medical community – the doctors, nurses, etc. who we go to in order to make sense of things when our body goes hay-wire”   – Lisa from Lisa’s Story on Floxie Hope
I get a fairly steady stream of emails from people asking whether or not I can help them with the tendon side effects that appeared as the result of being prescribed ANTIBIOTICS of the Fluoroquinolone class.  Unfortunately I have to say no (and believe me when I tell you that Tendon problems are just the tip of this iceberg).  This is a SYSTEMIC PROBLEM and will likely take a very specific “Functional Medicine” approach to heal it.  Although I attend bunches of seminars and spend a lot of time studying this area of Functional Medicine (I just got back from a seminar in St. Louis a couple of hours ago), it is not my area of specialty.   HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE are some articles (short — not much detail) I have written on Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics and what it means to your musculoskeletal system to be floxed.  Below is an email I received on this issue over the weekend.  I purposely removed this person’s name to protect their identity.

Dear Dr. Schierling,
I read, with tremendous interest, your article explaining the difference between tendonosis and tendonitis. Here is a quick synopsis of my condition:

In June of 2011, I was given the antibiotic Levaquin. In August, I had emergency surgery for a completely ruptured Achilles tendon (left ankle). My right ankle was casted simultaneously due to severe pain from microtears. I cut and pasted the Impressions from MRIs from that time period (below). I lived in a wheelchair for five months. My wrists and shoulders were not spared.

My entire adult life, I have frequented a gym. Since this nightmare, there are many exercises that cause extreme, sharp pain, particularly in my right shoulder and left wrist (please refer to MRI Impressions below), all of which I can no long participate in. I feel poisoned and have come to learn that most doctors do not have a clue, and cannot advise me properly. I have remained desperate for over three years. PLEASE, Dr. Schierling, share with me your thoughts and expertise.

Question: I have recently been prescribed Mobic for beginning stages of hand arthritis. I’m wondering if the Mobic is causing me more discomfort in the areas in which I described. Again, any advice you can give me will, as you can imagine, be taken very seriously!

From somewhere on the East Coast


Impression:   Tendinosis and grade I-I partial tear, articular aspect and tuberosity insertion of anterior supraspinatus tendon.   Moderate tendinosis of subscapularis tendon.  Tenosynovitis of long head of biceps tendon.


Impression:    Moderate tendinosis of supraspinatus tendon without apparent tear.
Moderate tendinosis of subscapularis tendon.


Impression:  Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex tear.  Partial tear scapholunate ligament.


Impression:  Moderate Achiles tendinosis with thickening of the central tendon which has progressed since the prior study.

Dear XXXX,
I want you to know that I feel for you, and I also believe that there is a solution out there for you.  But unfortunately I’m not that person — I am not sure I would know where to start.  However, if you do find a solution, would you please let me know so that it can be shared with those who suffer as you do.  Oh; and to answer your question; Mobic is a powerful NSAID (and HERE) that carries some brutal risks of its own.  Study any and every med prescribed before taking it.

God bless,
Dr. Russ


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