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the inflamed body


Inflamed Body

Brigitte Werner – Canim Lake, British Columbia/Canada – Pixabay

“Our best tool to reverse inflammation isn’t a drug, but our diets.”  Dr. Barry Sears, biochemist, Low Carb advocate, creator of The Zone, former research instructor at Boston University’s School of Medicine, and former staff scientist at MIT.

If you are one of the 99.9% of the population who thinks they know what INFLAMMATION is, but probably don’t; take a moment to click the link and at least begin to look at some of the titles of the posts listed.  Although the cardinal signs of Acute Inflammation are Rubor, Dolar, Calor, Tumor, and Functio Leasa (Redness, Pain, Heat, Swelling, and Loss of Function), this is not what we are talking about today.  Acute (local) Inflammation is what happens when you bang your finger with a hammer, or sprain your ankle. Today we instead want to deal with Chronic Inflammation.  Because almost every health problem imaginable is tied to Chronic Inflammation, wouldn’t it be helpful for you to be able to determine whether or not Inflammation is a problem for you?   Here are some of the signs of Chronic Inflammation in no particular order.  The more of them you have, the worse your levels of Chronic (systemic) Inflammation.

  • PAIN:  Some current studies put the number of Americans dealing with Chronic Pain of some sort at 100 million, or one in three of our citizens.  This is why I would argue that the number one sign of Chronic Inflammation is pain.  This could be pain almost anywhere, so I am not going to mention a lot of specifics.  If you want specifics, go HERE.  As a side note, many people consume mass quantities of meds meant to work against Inflammation.  HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE are a few of the reasons which, at the very least, these sorts of medications should be used with extreme caution.
  • YOU WEIGH MORE THAN YOU SHOULD:  That’s right folks; OBESITY is considered an “Inflammatory” problem as well.  Which makes sense when you look at the next bullet point.
  • BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES:  Most health problems start with people living the HIGH CARB LIFESTYLE.  On top of this, sugar itself is extremely inflammatory (HERE).  The problem is that so many people seemingly get away with eating crappy diets and copious amounts of sugar when they are young.  If you think that you can go on seemingly cheating your body’s physiology, just go to a class reunion (I have to be careful here because honestly, AT MINE everyone looked great).
  • ALLERGIES:  Allergies are an inflammatory problem that originate — as many inflammatory problems do — with a LEAKY GUT.  It’s always fun to watch people go PALEO for their weight, and be amazed because it “cured” their ALLERGIES as well.
  • DEPRESSION:  If you are DEPRESSED, you are probably inflamed.  You see, we now know that DEPRESSION is another of the long list of problems which is considered “inflammatory”.
  • LETHARGY / FATIGUE / SLUGGISHNESS:  These problems could be mental or physical.  Either way, the likely culprit is that something somewhere is driving inflammation in your body.  Oh; and don’t simply tell me that your problem is the result of SLEEP APNEA or FIBROMYALGIA.  If you click the links you’ll quickly realize that these are inflammatory problems as well.
  • MESSED UP BOWEL HABITS:  Do you have CONSTIPATION?  What about diarrhea?  Has anyone ever suggested you have IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME?  If you are dealing with bowel issues, you are inflamed (and likely have Dysbiosis).  By the way, I could easily have added things like bloating and gas to this bullet point as well.
  • DYSBIOSIS: DYSBIOSIS comes in many different forms, but is almost always caused by ANTIBIOTICS (or things with Antibiotic-like properties — see the next bullet point).
  • YOU ARE TAKING LOTS OF DRUGS / MEDICINE IN GENERAL:  I don’t have to tell you that Americans take a lot of drugs or that these drugs have lots of crazy side effects (HERE).  As crazy as it sounds, most drugs are actually inflammatory.  On top of this, MOST HAVE ANTIBIOTIC PROPERTIES that can leave you with Dysbiosis as well
  • WRINKLES, RASHES, ACNE, & OTHER SKIN PROBLEMS:  Are you dealing with SKIN PROBLEMS such as Psoriasis, ACNE, rashes, itching, or others?  The likely culprit is Inflammation.
  • CHRONIC ILLNESS / CONSTANT ILLNESS:  Are you sick all the time?  Is your nose always runny?  Do you have a constant cough?  Is your IMMUNE SYSTEM weak?  Are you dealing with the things on any of these lists (HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE)?  If so, you are likely inflamed.  The cold, hard truth is that even many (maybe most) things that everyone is told are “GENETIC” (HIGH CHOLESTEROL or CAVITIES for instance) are usually caused by Inflammation.
  • LACK OF DESIRE FOR SEX / INABILITY TO CONCEIVE:  If you have no real interest in SEX, whether male or female, you are almost certainly inflamed.  Yes; Inflammation causes / contributes to female issues such as ESTROGEN DOMINANCE.  It also causes LOW T in men.  And for the record, these two problems mentioned here can affect either sex.  As for INFERTILITY and Inflammation, just click the link.

If you have the signs of Inflammation, it’s time to figure out what could be driving it.  Because without sleuthing this out, it will be tough to figure out how to solve it.  Some of the best solutions I’ve found are HERE.  Sure, you might end up having to do some specialized testing or treatment.  But if you are looking for a foundational starting point to change your life, click the link.  Oh, and if you are one of those people who has not LIKED US on Facebook, why not stop by and give us some love.  It takes all of two seconds and helps important messages like this one reach more people.


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