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the three types of migraine headaches: chemical, mechanical, and electrical


Let me first say that technically speaking, many of the migraines diagnosed as migraines are not really migraines — they are varying forms of OTHER HEADACHES.  And although there are about a million things that can cause MIGRAINE HEADACHES, these can essentially be broken down into three main categories; chemical, mechanical, and electrical.  It is important to note that there can be and often is a significant degree of crossover between the three.

  • CHEMICAL:  Although this could be something like HYPOGLYCEMIA, it is usually made up of the group of chemical messengers we refer to collectively as inflammation.  The thing to bear in mind is that INFLAMMATION can be driven by a wide variety things (BLACK MOLD and GLUTEN are two of the more common ones).  This is a situation where an ELIMINATION DIET is imperative, as is solving your issues with “THE LEAKIES“. 

Please note that all three bullet points are addressed in my GENERIC PROTOCOL for solving headaches along with solving numerous other chronic problems, including inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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