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the world’s greatest soccer player — cristiano ronaldo — has patellar tendinosis


Knee Tendinosis

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Cristiano Ronaldo (age 29) will be playing in the World Cup Soccer Tournament in Rio de Janerio, Brazil for the Portuguese national team.  Because he is widely considered the world’s best soccer player (many would argue that Argentina’s Lionel Messi is the greatest), any injury is big news.  And because he has played for two of the world’s most famous soccer clubs (Manchester United and Real Madrid, his current team), the world is dying to know more about his injury. Cristiano has TENDINOSIS — more specifically PATELLAR TENDINOSIS — of the left knee.  Although you have likely heard of Tendinitis, this news begs the question of what exactly is Tendinosis?  Rather than me explain it to you (follow the links if you wish) listen to some of these definitions from recent sports articles.

A two-day-old article from Yahoo says that, “tendinosis is a non-inflammatory condition involving a previously injured tendon that heals with weak collagenous fibers, low weight-bearing resistance and has a high risk of future injury“.  BreakingNews.com describes Tendinosis as, “a degeneration of tendon’s collagen due to chronic overuse“.  And in a June 4 article by Andi Thomas (Cristiano Ronaldo has Tendinosis. What the Hell is Tendinosis?) we learn even more.  Listen to what Thomas writes……  “According to tendinosis.org, it’s a “chronic injury of failed healing”. Basically, it’s when a lot of tiny tears to the connective tissue around the tendon start to have a cumulative effect on the strength of the tendon. Think pain, think stiffness, think mild swelling around the left knee. It’s not to be confused with the more common tendonitis, which involves inflammation of the tendon itself.

Having written a couple of articles for Tendinosis.org (HERE is one of them), I can assure you that Tendinitis is not more common.  In fact, there are researchers and specialists in the field that say Tendinitis does not even exist, or if it does exist, it is extremely uncommon.  This is why ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDICATIONS and more specifically CORTICOSTEROID INJECTIONS have no place in helping athletes deal with these sorts of injuries.   I would assume that as the world’s greatest soccer player, Cristiano’s doctors are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at his knee  —- TISSUE REMODELING, PRP, COLD LASER, Massage, Stretches / Exercises, etc, etc, etc. The problem is, what he probably needs most, is a few weeks of rest.  We will all get to see how his knee is when Team Portugal takes the pitch against the German Nationals on Monday, June 16 — one week from yesterday.  You can read numerous articles about TENDINOSIS by following the link.

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