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thoracolumbar model of low back pain: an unsolicited testimonial

It’s always cool when I get unsolicited testimonials (as opposed to the VIDEOS THAT I ASK PATIENTS PERMISSION FOR).  As an over-the-road truck driver who struggles with chronic back pain, I’ve been trying to talk Michael into some tissue remodeling for years, believing it could be the solution to a problem that has long been driving him into my clinic every six weeks or so for adjustments; always with the same set of symptoms.  Below is the email I got from him a few days after he relented.  It’s been almost three weeks since, and I immediately asked his permission to use the letter.  His emailed response yesterday (yeah, it took awhile) was, “Yes you may. And still feeling great!

OMG! Doc,
The treatment you did to me is working. The first couple of days as thing were ‘re-aligning’ it felt like I had bugs crawling all over my back, but even that afternoon, I was able to help April with feeding the horses and keep up!  It has only gotten better from there! I still have issues with my hip, but a really good stretch works that out. I find I have more energy and think I am starting to loose weight again. Will be headed out on truck Monday morning, will see what happens, but things are going GREAT! THANKS DOC!

Michael Lewis

That’s fantastic Michael!  You see, the THORACOLUMBAR MODEL of chronic back pain is all too frequently not being addressed in the standard model of care, whether we are talking about standard medical care, based on a steady stream of ‘THE BIG FIVE,’ or standard chiropractic care, based on a steady stream of adjustments, which are usually done under the auspices of “MAINTENANCE,” even though the root of the problem never really changes (or for that matter, is even addressed) in either scenario.  Face it; who else tells patients that they’ll know in one treatment if this approach is going to help (HERE)?  It’s part of what makes our SOLVE YOUR OWN BACK PAIN post so different and popular than other similar fare.  BTW, if you are enjoying the free information on my blog, be sure to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE and show us some love while you’re at it.  It’s arguably the best way to reach those you love and care about most!


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