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those evil halides, chlorine & fluoride



Thyroid Halogens

Remember back to our page on THYROID HORMONES?  Now remember back to Junior High Science Class.  The chart above is called the Periodic Table of Elements.  Without going into incredible detail, just remember that the row, second from the right (VII — F, Br, Cl, I, etc) is known as the Halides or Halogens.  From the top they are Fluorine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), and Iodine (I).  You probably recognize most of these.  Now recall from previous discussions that removing one molecule of iodine from the inactive form of Thyroid Hormone (T4) turns it into T3, the active form of the Hormone.  In other words, proper thyroid function relies on Iodine. 

Because FLUORIDE, Bromine, and Chlorine are so closely related to each other on the Periodic Table, they can get substituted for Iodine.  This is not good, as it destroys thyroid function.  If you want to do some good research on the topic, just Google “Thyroid, Fluoride, Chlorine, Bromine”.  Prepare to be shocked. 

On top of this, one of Chlorine’s main purposes is to kill bacteria.  That is its very purpose for being put into the water supply in the first place.  This is problematic when you remember that the GUT (intestines) contains ten times the number of bacteria as there are cells in your body.  These bacteria help account for the fact that 80% of your entire immune system is contained in your gut (HERE).  Destroy bacteria (Dysbiosis), and you ruin your immune system.  ANTIBIOTICS are a known cause of this sort of destruction.  So are halogens.  Find out where you are getting exposed to halogens and put a stop to it today.

If you have chlorinated / fluoridated water, get a shower filter and some way to filter it out of your drinking water.  Your thyroid will love you for it!


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