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trust the cdc?  not me!


In case you hadn’t heard, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is mad — from the sounds of things, fighting mad.  Maybe even mad enough to eat skunk!  Among other things, they’re upset that they’ve been banned by Trump’s administration concerning their use of terminology like “evidence-based medicine” or “science-based medicine”.  After reading today’s post, you might wonder why it didn’t happen sooner. Enter Dr. Brian Hooker.

Trying to find out exactly what happened in the Brian Hooker / William Thompson saga is nearly impossible.  Hooker has been touted by some as a the “anti-vaxxer’s” messiah, while others say he is a self-serving quack.  Today I’m going to give you the gist of the story and let you decide. Dr. Hooker, who has both masters and doctorate degrees in biochemical engineering from Washington State University (1988 & 1990), also happens to be the father of an autistic son. 

He’s got several patents in genomics (he led a large genomics lab for many years), was the winner of several major professional awards, and is currently a professor at Simpson University in Redding, California.  He is most famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) for having a study retracted.  And not just any old study mind you, but a study on the link between vaccines and autism.

The journal, Translational Neurodegeneration, that originally published the study he was lead author on (his research showed an association between AUTISM and the MERCURY-BASED preservative called THIMEROSAL), reversed course in September of 2014 by publishing a retraction (Retraction Note: Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination Timing and Autism Among Young African American Boys: A Reanalysis of CDC Data).  The entire thing is found below.

“The Editor and Publisher regretfully retract the article as there were undeclared competing interests on the part of the author which compromised the peer review process. Furthermore, post-publication peer review raised concerns about the validity of the methods and statistical analysis, therefore the Editors no longer have confidence in the soundness of the findings. We apologize to all affected parties for the inconvenience caused.”

What was the conflict of interest?  For one, Hooker, in similar fashion to DR. AMY DAVIS (M.D.) of Crossing Back to Health clinic in West County (St. Louis) — a FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE SPECIALIST dealing with, among other things, vaccine-damaged children (she had two of her own children become autistic after receiving their shots) — has spent over 15 years using the Freedom of Information Act to dig up CDC documents showing that the link between vaccines and autism has been known about and purposefully hidden for decades — kind of like why Monsanto is in trouble for covering up what they knew about GLYPHOSATE

Not surprisingly, the “stuff” really started hitting the fan when Dr. Hooker testified before a Congressional Hearing on November 29 of 2012.  You can read the transcript online at any number of sites, but suffice it to say that the CDC looked none too honest after Hooker spoke of the massive cover-up he had discovered.  Enter William Thompson.

Dr. William Thompson was a Senior Scientist and Epidemiologist at the CDC (Immunization Safety Branch), who heard about Hooker via these hearings. Thompson contacted Hooker a year or so later, providing him with thousands of pages of “proof,” that if nothing else, showed the CDC was guilty of data-mining and manipulating study results — the same kind of “tricks of the trade” I have spoken of in my hundreds of posts on “EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE“. 

Although all of this is old news, I dredged it up because of a short piece by Hooker that was published in the brand new issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (CDC Data Manipulation Exposed: Four Years Later).  Depending on who you believe, Hooker “betrayed” Williams and went public with the information Williams gave him, eventually leading Thompson to retract much of what he said (although I do believe he is currently under the protection of the Whistle Blower act).  Like I said, it’s tough to figure out exactly what happened.  But we get the general idea.

Hooker began his article by talking about the two books (Vaccine Whistleblower and Inoculated) and movie (VAXXED) that were written about this ongoing narrative.  He also discussed the fact that there are complete transcripts of the forty or so calls he had with Thompson, along with something like 10,000 pages of research data that Thompson turned over to him.   I would suggest you read the article for yourself — it’s a five minute read (HERE) — but can be summed up in a few short sentences.

“Dr. Thompson revealed to me the gross bias of CDC leadership in covering up for vaccines at all costs.  Yet, these individuals remain in place in their comfortable leadership jobs at CDC, despite the revelation of data manipulation. This destroys confidence in the CDC’s assurances of the safety of the now-bloated vaccine schedule and instead shows its leaders’ dedication to protecting their institution at all costs.”

Although Hooker goes on to give numerous examples (including significant BRIBES in the form of questionable pay raises), the last sentence above begs a question; what institution is the CDC talking about here?  In other words, why would a governmental organization such as the CDC care one way or another what these studies show?  It’s not like they have a stake in the failure or success of Big Pharma?  Or do they? 

Unfortunately, it’s an open secret that there is a REVOLVING DOOR between some of the government’s alphabet soup of watchdog organizations (USDA, CDC, VAERS, NIH, etc, etc, etc) and industry.  Work your way through the ranks and eventually you’ll be rewarded with a high-paying job (usually as a “consultant”) for a PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY or similar.

There are many like Hooker who have had their lives turned upside down (or at least been vilified as quacks) when they publicly acknowledged there might be a problem with (this drug, that drug, vaccines, medical devices, insert almost anything you want here______________).  What about DEAN BURK?  Or ROYAL LEE?  or HUGH FUDENBERG?  Or ROBERT BECKER that I talked about just a couple days ago?  Or STEPHANIE SENEFF, or TERRY WAHLS, or tens of thousands of others? 

What’s interesting is that as time goes on, these and many like them continue to be vindicated.  Although there are two sides of this issue, what’s become unarguable is that the CDC has been using your tax dollars and their almost absolute power to viciously go after and persecute / prosecute those they disagree with for any reason, valid or not.  In fact, I recently showed you just how severe it can be, if, in the eyes of peers / government, you are a researcher who comes up with findings that fall on the wrong side of this argument (HERE) — especially with the mountains of new information coming out on ALUMINUM ADJUVANTS.

Although you can find plenty of stories showing that Hooker and Thompson were both quacks and weirdos (Thompson has been portrayed by some as mentally unstable, chronically depressed, and easily manipulated), most of these tend to come from outlets like GORSKI’S, who has written ten or twelve on the subject.  HERE and HERE are a couple interesting (and abbreviated) accounts of the story.  Oh, and make sure to read how discredited CDC vaccine researcher, Poul Thorson (MD / Ph.D), figures into the picture by reading Robert Kennedy’s piece for the HuffPo (Central Figure in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds With $2M).

My sincerest desire is that an article like this forces you, as a parent or parent to be, to dig into this issue on your own.  Don’t believe me, and certainly don’t believe your doctor.  Do your own research and come to conclusions that you can live with.  And make sure to get this material in front of those you love and care about most by liking, sharing, or following on FACEBOOK.


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