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vaccine experiments


The fact that no record of these trials can be found in the files relating to the Department of Local Government and Public Health, the Municipal Health Reports relating to Cork and Dublin, or the Wellcome Archives in London, suggests that vaccine trials would not have been acceptable to government, municipal authorities, or the general public.  ‘However, the fact that reports of these trials were published in the most prestigious medical journals suggests that this type of human experimentation was largely accepted by medical practitioners and facilitated by authorities in charge of children’s residential institutions.’ ”   From the June 11, 2014 issue of The Daily Mail (UK).  The article was titled Thousands of Children in Irish Care Homes at Centre of ‘Baby Graves Scandal’ Were Used in Secret Vaccine Trials in the 1930s.
In a story that is part Sci-fi and part Horror, new revelations have surfaced about the way that certain VACCINES were developed by some of a bygone era’s biggest and most prestigious pharmaceutical companies.  Although the website for Burroughs Wellcome & Co tells us that, “when Silas Burroughs invited Henry Wellcome to join him in business in London in 1879, modern drug production was an undeveloped field….   Burroughs Wellcome & Co. would be the first drug company to employ research scientists to develop new therapies,” they might be side-stepping the truth more than just a little bit. Seems like some of that so-called ‘research‘ was not exactly what we would today call “EVIDENCE-BASED“. 

For those who are interested, Burroughs Wellcome now has another name —- one that many of you have heard of because of their own crooked dealings.  Can anyone say GLAXO-SMITH KLINE?  GSK has been all over the news in recent months (and recent years) for various sorts of fraudulent activities and underhanded dealings.   Some of the latest came to light a couple months in emerging markets such as Iran (alleged bribery of government officials).  Seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  If you wish to read this article in its entirety, it will only take you a few minutes to do so (HERE). 


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