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Video Testimonials Of Chronic Neck Pain Solutions: How Long Is Too Long?

How Long Before Chronic Neck Pain Solutions are No Longer Effective?

How long is too long?  In light of my profession’s fascination with something called PVA (Patient Visit Average), many times it’s way too long.  Allow me to explain.  The profession has taught its practitioners to judge the health of their practice largely via their clinic’s PVA.  Take the number of new patients and divide it into the total number of patients you see, and wallah — PVA.  Consultants tell you that when it comes to PVA, the bigger the better. 

It’s all about selling people on long care plans (3x per week for 2 months, 2x per week for one month, 1x per week for 2 months, and “maintenance” once a month for the rest of your life) — and seeing them a lot of times.  The problem is, I routinely see people who have been on MAINTENANCE for a very very long time, yet still struggle with the exact same problems they were first seen for (HERE’S ONE that was seeing someone three times a week for years). 

I realize that most consultants would tromp me because OF THE CRAZY WAY I TREAT MY NEW PATIENTS.  However, after 25 years in practice, it SEEMS TO BE WORKING.  But forget the fact that it’s working for me; what’s important is that it’s working for my patients.   Although I’ve been lazy with my VIDEO TESTIMONIALS lately, we shot three earlier this week.  And while David has been a patient for a lot of years, the other two (Carl, recently moved back to the area, and Shauna, a river boat captain) together have seen me a grand total of four times.  It was a couple weeks short of a year between Shauna’s two visits. 

The point is this — SCAR TISSUE (the medical community calls it “FIBROSIS” — is not only bad because it is the number one cause of death in America (HERE), it’s bad because it’s preventing patients from maximally benefiting from their ADJUSTMENTS and / or THERAPY.  Every cloud has a silver lining, and this one’s is that for MOST PEOPLE, there is no such thing as having a problem so long that time itself would prevent a solution. 

Typically, the only “too long” when it comes to your chronic pain is when you are told something like, “Sure I can fix you —- it shouldn’t take too long.  Give me six months and we’ll have you good as new.  Sign on the dotted line, and for today only, it’s half price ($X,XXX.XX)“. 

22 Year / 1 Visit

12 Year / 1 Visit

7 Years / 1 Visit

If you watched Carl’s doubly super extra cool video, you saw him say a couple different times that the treatment was not exactly fun.  While this MIGHT BE TRUE (realize that I never do more than a person can tolerate), the results speak for themselves. The only people saying “I’d wouldn’t do that if he paid me” are the people who either don’t understand CHRONIC PAIN because they’ve never lived it, or people who’d rather go visit after visit after visit after visit after visit to wherever they’re visiting (HERE).

BTW, David (a WORLD RECORD ROPE CLIMBER) and his wife raise organic, grass-fed beef.  Besides the FRESCOLNS, you can get it from them if you call (417) 252-0832.  I’ve had it and it’s fabulous.


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