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vitamin b or coal tar?

Vitamin B or Coal Tar & Sewage Sludge?

Thanks to the work of pioneers in WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION such as DR. WESTON PRICE, DR. ROYAL LEE, and DR. FRANCIS POTTENGER, I do all I can to avoid SYNTHETIC NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS like the plague they can be.  Furthermore, I have been warning others about the potential pitfalls of Synthetic Vitamins for the better part of the past two decades. 

The first link above explains how Ascorbic Acid (the only product that can legally be called Vitamin C here in America, even though it is not Vitamin C) is manufactured  —- a mixture of Sulfuric Acid and cornstarch —- mostly in Hoffman-LaRoche’s New Jersey facility.  Something similarly insidious is taking place in Indiana. 

How shocked would you be to find out that the Vitamin B in your nutritional supplement likely comes from an Indianapolis company called Rilley Tar and Chemical (recently changed their name to Vertellus)?   Here are some statements about the company, which is an EPA Supersite targeted for being a massive polluter. 

The Reilly Tar & Chemical Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana was placed on the National Priorities List (NPL) by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on September 21, 1984. Industrial development of the Site began in 1921 when Republic Creosoting Company started a coal tar refinery and a wood treatment operation on the southern end of the property. On-site wood treatment operations occurred from 1921 to 1972.

Beginning in 1941, several chemical plants were constructed and operated on the northern end of the property. Environmental problems at the site are related to the management and disposal of creosoting process wastes and to wastes associated with and substances used in the process of manufacturing specialty chemicals.  Contamination According to EPA studies, groundwater is contaminated with pyridine, benzene, and ammonia, all materials that are used in the chemical production operations.

About 5,200 residents within 3 miles of the site use ground water for drinking. Citizens have complained frequently of headaches, general ill health, and increased cancer and birth defects. Soils at the site are contaminated with a number of volatile organic contaminants (VOCs), semi-VOCs, and carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PNAs).   Taken from The Energy Library (the information can also found on numerous governmental websites).  

Wouldn’t you be thrilled to find out that Rilley Tar and Chemical has been the biggest supplier of “Food Grade” B-vitamins for the past several decades?  In fact, Vertellus still makes products like “Niacinamide, Feed Grade” (synthetic niacin).  That’s right.  The B-Vitamins found in your multi-vitamin supplement or B-Vitamin supplement (One-a-Day by Bayer, Centrum by PFIZER, 5 Hour Energy, along with thousands of others) are synthetic compounds which are actually a byproduct of the manufacturing process of certain petroleum products.  

Believe it or not, the synthetic form of Thiamine (Vitamin-B1) comes from a product called “Grewe Diamine” —- a derivative of Coal Tar —— and is processed with several harsh chemicals including ammonia and formaldehyde.  And Vitamin B-12; it may be worse.  The synthetic form comes from “Activated Sewage Sludge” (see this 1954 STUDY from the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry — plants absorb it from manure).  Yippee!  How do you feel about making junior take those Flintstones Chewables now? 

Listen up folks.  I have been warning you about SYNTHETIC NUTRITION for a very long time.  This is serious.  It’s time to sit up in your desk and pay attention.  Not just for yourself, but for your children —- and your grandchildren.  If you are trusting the FDA to protect you from this kind of nightmare, you are being fooled.  It’s all up to you — always has been. 

If you do not educate yourself about the differences between WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION and the Synthetic Fractionated Chemicals that pass for today’s ‘vitamins’, you are setting yourself and your family up.  And the word “natural”?  It means nothing.  Limestone is “all natural” and happens to be the most common source for calcium supplements.  How’s that been working out for you (HERE)?


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