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what do patients hate most about their doctor visits?


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In a recent national survey, Consumer Reports asked 1,000 randomly chosen Americans what they liked least about their visiting their doctor (on a scale of 1 -10, with 10 being the worst).  Although things like “waiting“, “rushed office visits“, and “inconvenient office hours” made the list, the top of the list was telling.  Number one, coming in at 8.3, was “unclear explanation of problem“.   In a similar fashion, “side effects of medication not fully explained” came in a couple of places later at 7.6. 

It is pretty easy to see that doctors are not taking time to explain things to their patients.  But honestly; how could they?  Doctors are not only more rushed than ever before, the amount of paperwork they are bogged down with has literally exploded.  I recently read an open letter from an orthopedic surgeon who is frustrated that he spends over two hours a day on paperwork instead of being able to spend that time taking care of patients.  Just one more reason that the most recent statistics show us that if they were financially able, over 60% of our nation’s physicians would retire today (HERE).  but I regress.

My goal is that whether you, the patient, are dealing with some sort of TENDINOSIS, a chronically TORN MUSCLE, the after-effects of a WHIPLASH ACCIDENT, OSTEOPOROSIS, PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME, some sort of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, a WEIGHT ISSUE or a THYROID PROBLEM, you know more about what’s going on when you leave my office than when you walked in the door.  Besides that I want you to know that MOST MEDICATIONS far worse for you than you ever dreamed. 

As a healer, I want to not only show you what is wrong with you, but give you the tools to begin addressing your health on your own (HERE and HERE are examples).  Sure, it’s time consuming for me to put this information out there.  But when I get phone calls such as the one I got last evening thanking me for giving them a renewed hope that their problem is not as hopeless as they have been led to believe, it makes it all worthwhile. 

You see, I don’t believe that EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE is going to save you.  Your health is up to you.  It’s an unfortunate reality, but your doctor giving you another pill is not likely to “cure” your problem — whatever your problem happens to be.  If you really want to get down to the root of the matter, you’re going to have to educate yourself and make some lifestyle changes.  Trust me when I tell you that the results are worth it!


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