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what is scar tissue?


“Scar Tissue is normal tissue that has undergone derangement on virtually every level.”  Dr. Russell Schierling


Scar Tissue

Karen Arnold – Ferring/England – Pixabay


Microscopic Scar Tissue

LeoNeoBoy – Русский – Pixabay

Scar Tissue is normal tissue that has undergone derangement on virtually every level that tissue can be deranged.  Bottom line; this means that Scar Tissue is dramatically different from normal tissue on many different levels.  Scar Tissue is different than normal tissue in these distinct ways.

  • STRUCTURALLY:  Look at the pictures above and you’ll quickly notice how the individual tissue fibers in Scar Tissue do not align themselves with each other in an organized and symmetrical pattern.  Instead, the fibers run every possible direction —- in all three dimensions, and ifs often going on at a microscopic level that’s impossible to visualize with standardized testing (HERE).  This structural difference creates microscopic clumps, adhesions, and restrictions, that are also dramatically different from normal tissue…..
  • MECHANICALLY:  Not only is Scar Tissue different structurally, it is different mechanically (functionally) as well.  Where normal tissue is stretchy and elastic, Scar Tissue tends to be stiffer and far more rigid (sometimes it is more like a non-elastic clump), always being referred to in the scientific literature as “THICKENED“.  This means that any joint or area that is surrounded at all by Scar Tissue will on some level move worse or less (HERE).  The problem with loss of motion in joints is that not only is this a huge cause of Chronic Pain, it is the known cause of DEGENERATION as well.  And as if that were not enough; Scar Tissue is also significantly weaker than normal tissue, meaning that it is far easier to re-injure —- and re-injure — and re-injure —- and re-injure.  Because Scar Tissue is so different structurally and mechanically, it stands to reason that it would also be different……….
  • ELECTRICALLY:  When compared to normal tissue, Scar Tissue is also different electrically.  If you go to our CHRONIC PAIN page, you can see some pictures that help to explain this phenomenon.  Just understand that according to one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject (DR. CHAN GUNN), Scar Tissue can be more than 1,000 times more pain-sensitive than normal tissue.  Once you realize that fascia transmits messages in similar fashion to the nervous system (HERE), you can start to see other reasons besides the obvious that this could be devastating.  Hang on because there is still at least one more major way that Scar Tissue is different from normal tissue.  It is different……
  • METABOLICALLY:  Scar Tissue is different than normal tissue metabolically, meaning that it’s much more poorly oxygenated.  Along similar lines, nor does it receive nutrition, hydration, or fluid lubrication as well as it should.  This probably has to do with the fact that even though there is a blood supply to Scar Tissue (it is, after all, living tissue), the blood supply is not nearly as good as it should otherwise be.  This also means that it may make it difficult (or impossible) to heal Scar Tissue without first having it THERAPEUTICALLY “BROKEN”.  By the way, this is why I will occasionally put severe patients on OXYGEN THERAPY while I am doing SCAR TISSUE REMODELING.

As you can see, Scar Tissue is dramatically different than normal tissue on almost every conceivable level.  Now let’s add to this the fact that much —- if not most — of the Scar Tissue that plagues people on a day to day basis is in the FASCIA.  Throw in the fact that Fascia cannot be seen with current MRI technology, and it makes for the PERFECT STORM of Chronic Pain.  Ultimately, Scar Tissue can cause numerous CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROMES that all too often leave doctors scratching their heads, accusing patients of malingering, being drug seekers, or both. 

The really cool thing though, is that for many of you reading this there is hope.  SCAR TISSUE REMODELING is a great way to effectively deal with many of the problems mentioned throughout this post.  This becomes an almost “Code Red” situation once you understand that the INFLAMED LIFESTYLE you’ve been living is either causing or heavily contributing to your problem (HERE).  If you feel that Scar Tissue might be part of your Chronic Pain issue, I would suggest you take a few moments to learn more by watching some of our VIDEO TESTIMONIALS.  Also be sure and show us some love on FACEBOOK because when you like, share, or follow, you reach the people you love and care about most.


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