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why don’t i hold adjustments better?


CHRONIC PAIN is almost ubiquitous in our society — the number one thing that drives patients to my clinic.  There’s a question that I am asked by someone almost every day.  ‘Doc; why don’t I hold my CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS better?’  I heard it three times yesterday — including from an individual who had not been adjusted (by me or anyone else) in almost 12 years. 

For most people it’s a very legitimate question, which I will attempt to answer in today’s post.  Although there are any number of potential reasons a person might not hold adjustment well, for the most part they can be boiled down to three. 

  • ARTHRITIS:  Firstly, let’s be clear that we are talking here about the most common kind of arthritis, OSTEOARTHRITIS.  Standard thought is that if joints are wearing out, you won’t hold an adjustment.   Although this is true, in most cases it doesn’t have to be.  Click the link to see what I mean. 
  • SCAR TISSUE:  MICROSCOPIC SCAR TISSUE, FASCIAL ADHESIONS, TISSUE DENSIFICATION, FIBROSIS, or whatever you choose to call this problem can present itself a huge roadblock to people’s ability to hold an adjustment.  In fact, when I hear this scenario —– ‘The only thing that helps me are adjustments, but I can’t seem to hold them more than a few days (or even a few hours), and my problem always comes back to the exact same place(s)’ —- it’s typically due to some sort of tissue adhesion / tethering.  Most of my VIDEO TESTIMONIALS pertain to this topic, and it is a major thrust of my practice (HERE).
  • INFLAMMATION:  Are you inflamed?  Take THIS SELF TEST and find out.  If you are struggling with Inflammation, you will often struggle to hold an adjustment.  And while there are any number of factors that drive Inflammation and inflammatory processes in your body (HERE’S ONE I talked about yesterday), the most common is a cruddy diet.

There are others; scoliosis comes immediately to mind.  But it’s not so common.  The points above are all extremely common — dog common.  And even though Inflammation has its own bullet point, the truth is that the other two points above it are based on Inflammation as well (the word “itis” is Latin for Inflammation, and Fibrosis is always caused by Inflammation — HERE).  You’ve already figured out that the DRUGS DON’T WORK.  If you want to hold adjustments better, you’ll have to deal with underlying Inflammation.  Period.  There are no shortcuts.

The great thing is that understanding, attacking, and defeating Inflammation will not only improve your ability to hold adjustments, but will help most of you LOSE WEIGHT and deal with your CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY ILLNESSES / AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES in the process.  HERE are the posts.


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