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why healthy people can be naturally antibiotic resistant


Mibrobiome Health

“We see this as one more piece of clear evidence that antibiotic resistance is indeed a natural feature of the human microbiota but that it’s primed to be activated and amplified for greater resistance after antibiotic use.”  Dr. Gautam Dantas from St. Louis’ Washington University School of Medicine (as quoted from the article below)

I really believe that here in America, we are mostly clueless about what the word ‘health’ really means.  Is it merely the absence of PAIN or disease, or is it something much deeper and more far-reaching?  Remember my post about the “HYGIENE HYPOTHESIS“?  In it I mentioned Dr. Antoine Bechamp.  Bechamp, the champion of the “Microzyma Theory” essentially believed that all microorganisms started out the same, but could be dramatically altered, both structurally and functionally, by their environment, whether good or bad.   Brilliant guy, who, even though not totally correct in his thinking (who is?), may have been more on the money than modern science has given him credit for.

“Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) coined the word mycozyma to describe what he felt were the basic building blocks of all organisms, even plants and rocks.  He believed these basic organisms can change form from bacteria to viri to fungal forms, and back again, depending upon the terrain or environment inside a body.  This is the basic theory of the microzyma according to Dr. Bechamp.  Later, mainly in the early twentieth century, several other well-known doctors in many nations claimed to observe a similar phenomenon.  These include Gaston Naessans, MD, Royal Rife, MD, Wilhelm Reich, MD, Gunther Enderlein (1872-1968) and others.  Some gave the phenomenon different names.  Gaston Naessans called them somatids, while Dr. Enderlin called them protits. The microzyma perform many roles in the body.  The most important of these are:  (1) To destroy competing microorganisms that otherwise would flourish in the warm, moist environment of the human digestive tract – both the small and large intestines.  (2) To help digest and absorb our food.  (3) To produce numerous chemical compounds that our bodies require.  These include some of the vitamins, mineral compounds, and even others that have not been identified yet.”  MIT-educated physician, Dr. Lawrence Wilson (MD) from his article “Microzyma“.  BTW, you’ll sometimes see this phenomenon called “Pleomorphism”.

According to Kerry Sheridan‘s recent article, Remote Tribe’s Antibiotic Resistance Concerns Experts, a nearly-unreached tribe found recently in the deep, dark jungles of Venezuela, showed that even though the inhabitants have the single most diverse MICROBIOME ever recorded (something we have only recently been interested in studying), they are carrying an immense potential for ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE.  “What really surprised the team was the discovery that the tribespeople had nearly 30 antibiotic resistant genes that were never before known to science. Even more, these genes were resistant to some of the world’s most recently developed synthetic antibiotics. ‘It was alarming to us to find genes that would inactivate these modern synthetic drugs in the Yanomami population.”  But should we be surprised?

A normal and healthy Microbiome contains “bad” bacteria and fungi such as STREP, STAPH, C.DIFF, CANDIDA, H. PYLORI, and a host of others, as well as hundreds of strains of “good” bacteria.  Unfortunately, what we have done in America (self included) is to label bacteria as “good” or “bad,” when that’s not really completely accurate.  A diverse Microbiome is all about ratios.  It’s why taking lots of ANTIBIOTICS is bad for you (HERE).  But it’s also why taking LOTS OF PROBIOTICS can be bad for you as well.  It makes sense that this tribe’s genetic makeup would be such that it would “resist” substances that would potentially throw the Mibrobiome out of kilter.  If you want to understand this concept better, read the material on my site lifted from DR. ART AYERS.  Or better yet, visit his website, Cooling Inflammation.

Please understand that I am not saying in this post that Bechamp was correct.  We all know that models, thought processes, and the way we understand the universe constantly change as scientific knowledge improves and increases.  I am, however, saying that we are just beginning to understand the importance of GUT HEALTH in relationship to overall health, and that the “terrain” the germs live in (your body), plays a far bigger role than whether or not you were simply exposed to said germs (read the first link at the top of the page to better understand this statement).  The bottom line is that if you want to get your house in order as far as your health is concerned, you cannot neglect your Microbiome.  Period. 

It does not really matter whether your problem is ENDOCRINE, AUTOIMMUNE, INFLAMMATORY, or one of the so-called GENETIC DISEASES; the foundational tenets of solving it (them) is virtually always the same.  HERE is a starting point as far as fixing your Gut.


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