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why i love my job



Let me talk to you for a moment about why I love doing what I do.  In order to do that, I want to introduce you to Dorpha.   Without looking, I’m not sure how long that Dorpha has been a patient of mine.  She is now in her 90’s, and I have never seen her when she is not smiling.  We could all learn several important life lessons from Dorpha.

You see, in 1979 Dorpha and her husband were hit by a milk truck.  He was killed outright and she was nearly killed — the entire right half of her body a mass of broken bones and crushed body parts.  Dorpha eventually discovered just how much adjustments could help her and comes to see me when she feels she needs that “tuneup”.  She is one of those people who always brightens my day. 

At Schierling Chiropractic, LLC I have the privilege of treating people with a wide variety of problems (HERE).   The thing that I love more than anything else is giving hope to the hopeless. So many of the people I see have been given up on by the medical community.  They are often told that there is no solution to their problem — that is, no solution other than taking lots and lots of drugs.  Or often, they are just told that their problems are all age-related.  I realize that all of us are getting older a day at a time.  I also realize that drugs are harmful whether pushed or prescribed. 

We help people climb out from under their seemingly “no-win” situations.  I have several patients who, believe it or not, are being helped with neurological problems like Parkinson’s —- just because they changed their diets and went Gluten Free (HERE).  Like I tell my patients — I do my thing but it’s God who does the healing.  Relieving pain, restoring health, removing despair, and replacing it with hope.  It’s not just my job, it’s my life’s mission; my purpose — the reason I was called to do what I do.

And along the way I get to meet people like Dorpha.


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