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why it’s increasingly difficult to trust vaccine information coming from the government and big pharma


Vaccine Fake News

  When it comes to pharmaceutical medicine, the public is learning that it cannot trust either industry or government as far as they can throw them.  This is essentially what led to my oxymoronically-named column within my blog titled EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE.  And nowhere is there a greater mistrust of the medico-pharmaceutical cartel than the arena of VACCINATIONS.  It’s like watching a little kid repeatedly caught with their hands in the cookie jar, and then lying about it over and over and over again — EVEN THOUGH THE LIES ARE OBVIOUS TO ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION.  Before long, any shred of credibility they may once have had is lost —- despite the perpetual churning of their propaganda machines in the media.  Although there are dozens of consequences, allow me to show you one that’s thankfully increasing.

Writing for Precision Vaccination, Don Ward published this telling title in one of last week’s issues — Most State Legislatures Support Expanding Vaccine Exemptions.  Re-read that headline and let it sink in for a moment.  It seems that the majority of our state’s lawmakers are asking the same questions about vaccinations that you are.  The article was based on a study (Trends and Characteristics of Proposed and Enacted State Legislation on Childhood Vaccination Exemption, 2011–2017) from Philly’s Drexel University, and published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Public Health.  Here are the CHERRY-PICKED highlights of the abstract.

“We performed content analysis of proposed bills in state legislatures from 2011 to 2017 and classified bills as provaccination or antivaccination.  State legislators proposed 92 (53%) bills expanding access to exemptions.   Bills that expanded access to exemptions were more likely to come from Republican legislators and Northeastern and Southern states.  Most vaccine exemption laws introduced in state legislatures would pose threats to the public’s health. There is a need for constituents to engage their elected legislators and advocate provaccination policies.”

Some quick observations.  Characterizing a political position as “anti-vaccination” (a nicer version of the dreaded “ANTIVAXXER” label) is disingenuous, misleading, and inflammatory.  No one, self included, wants to tell someone that they or their family family can’t get all the vaccinations they want.  The point is that if I or my family are not interested in being vaccinated against “X,” this is still (AT LEAST FOR THE TIME BEING) America.  So, if you decide you want your child vaccinated against POLIO but not INFLUENZA, I whole-heartedly support your choice.  You want you daughter vaccinated against PERTUSSIS but not HPV, bully for you. 

The question, however, that everyone should all be asking is where does it end?  Does being “pro-vaccination” mean that you support every shot thrown your way without raising any questions?  With over 300 vaccines currently being developed for God-only-knows what (HERE), BIG PHARMA’S army of lobbyists are busy schmoozing politicians to create mandates (all in the name of public health) for the express purpose of forcing you into as many as they possibly can.  Why?  Because as we’ve repeatedly seen with crappy vaccines such as those given for INFLUENZA PREVENTION, it’s about one thing and one thing only; money.

Despite huge pressure from industry and government (all too often, one and the same entity), increasing numbers of doctors and researchers are seeing through this charade and speaking up.  Case in point is Dr. Mark Green.  Green is a highly decorated 1986 graduate of West Point, who became an Army Ranger and served with the 82nd Airborne.  He went to medical school and became a flight surgeon for the Night Stalkers, eventually writing a book (One Night With Saddam) about his role in interrogating Sadam Hussein after his 2003 capture.  And if that weren’t enough, several years ago Dr. Green organized Two Rivers Medical Foundation, which continues to provide healthcare to under-served populations throughout the world via medical missions (ETHIOPIA INCLUDED) as well as running free medical clinics in both Clarksville and Memphis.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Green was recently elected to serve in the US House of Representatives representing Tennessee’s 7th District. 

An article published a few days ago in Nashville’s largest newspaper, The Tennessean (Tennessee U.S. Rep.-Elect Mark Green Alleges Vaccines May Cause Autism, Questions CDC Data) showed that Doctor Green is proving he is willing to take on the pharmaco-medical establishment.  Below are some cherry-picked highlights (if you are looking for a cross between a cage fight and rodeo, the article’s comment section is the place to go).

A soon-to-be congressman from Tennessee told constituents Tuesday he believed vaccines may be causing autism, questioning data from the Centers for Disease Control and other institutions disproving such a theory.  Not only did Republican Mark Green, a Congressman-elect from Clarksville who is also a medical doctor, express hesitation about the CDC’s stance on vaccines, he also said he believed the federal health agency has “fraudulently managed” the data.  “Let me say this about autism.  I have committed to people in my community, up in Montgomery County, to stand on the CDC’s desk and get the real data on vaccines. Because there is some concern that the rise in autism is the result of the preservatives that are in our vaccines.  As a physician, I can make that argument and I can look at it academically and make the argument against the CDC, if they really want to engage me on it.  It appears some of that data has been…maybe fraudulently managed, so we’ve got to go up there and stand against that and make sure we get that fixed, that issue addressed.”  Green elaborated that he was referring to discussions in the House in recent years, such as a concern raised in 2015 by Rep. Bill Posey, R-Florida, that the CDC covered up a possible link between autism and childhood vaccines.

Why would someone with Green’s credentials pick up WHERE BILL POSEY LEFT OFF, particularly knowing better than most that this battle is not going to win him many friends, while undoubtedly creating some very powerful and well-funded enemies?  I would guess it’s because as a physician, he has had a front row view of the schmuckdom that’s become the norm in the CDC (HERE) and FDA (HERE) for so long that he’s sick of it, and as a patriot he’s willing to step up and do something about it.  Speaking of our ‘trust us’ FDA, let me show you something interesting that reveals just how low our collective trust of these governmental watchdog organizations should be.

On December 7th of this month (Pearl Harbor Day for those keeping track), the FDA held what amounted to a “PRESS CONFERENCE” for the seeming purpose of touting the brand new anti-viral drug for influenza (Xofluza — baloxavir marboxil) as having super powers that are at least equal to the super powers of other antivirals such as TAMIFLU and RELENZA.  While this is certainly true (their super powers are equal), what they failed to mention is not only how ineffective / weak these super powers really are (Tamiflu shortens the average flu duration by approximately 10% if you take it within 48 hours of onset), how dangerous these drugs can be as far as causing psychiatric problems (HERE and HERE), not to mention the utterly fraudulent conditions that Tamiflu was approved under (over half the studies were INVISIBLE OR ABANDONED).  A good overview of this “fiasco” can be found in an aptly-titled issue of the Indian Journal of Pharmacology (The Tamiflu Fiasco and Lessons Learnt)…..

“Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) was approved for seasonal flu by US Food and Drug Administration in 1999. A number of randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis emphasized a favorable efficacy and safety profile.  The majority of them were funded by Roche, which also first marketed and promoted this drug. In 2005 and 2009, the looming fear of pandemic flu led to recommendation by prominent regulatory bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, European Medicines Agency and others for its use in treatment and prophylaxis of influenza, and it’s stockpiling as a measure to tide over the crisis. Serious Adverse Events, especially neuropsychiatric events associated with Tamiflu started being reported, leading to a cascade of questions on clinical utility of this drug.  A recent Cochrane Review and related articles have questioned the risk-benefit ratio of the drug, besides raising doubts about the regulatory decision of approving it. The recommendations for stockpiling the said drug as given by various international organizations viz WHO have also been put to scrutiny.”

The point here is not to go down the rabbit hole that is Tamiflu (way too easy to do), but to show you just how little you can trust those individuals in pharma and government signing off on these drugs, while signing their correspondences with each other, ‘BFF’.  Allow me to go back to Bill Posey for a moment.  Posey began his five minute speech to the HOR by talking about the fact that over 3 billion dollars has been awarded by the “Vaccine Court” to children injured by vaccines (actually, total compensation awarded since its inception in 1986 went over the 4 billion dollar mark a couple weeks ago). 

To briefly address this issue:  Firstly, if you want to see how difficult it really is to get compensated for vaccine damages in a world of VACCINE DAMAGE DENIAL, I would suggest you read Wayne Rohde’s book, The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  Or you could simply watch the five minute YOUTUBE SYNOPSIS.  For example, this year there were only 116 compensated awards issued by the court (I wonder if JOSE PERALTA is going to get a settlement?).

What’s most curious about this issue is that despite the astronomical increase in both numbers of vaccines on the government-recommended schedule and the veritable explosion of AUTISM and other neurological diseases (not to mention the fact that our population has increased by 80 million people during this time), monetary awards from the Vaccine Court are at an all time low.  Just three days ago, Precision Vaccine touted this fact in an article titled Only $46 Million Paid To Vaccine Injured Patients During Fiscal Year 2019.  The point was that since compensation is the lowest in history, vaccines must be safe and those claiming otherwise are kooks and whackos. 

Over and over again we are seeing that government bureaucracy cannot be trusted — particularly when the dollars used to line their pockets are so intimately related to your health.  What’s the solution?  Stand up for your right to choose what healthcare you want or don’t want before such rights are completely taken away.  Remember that the flip side of wanting the government to be the sole provider of “free” (tax-payer funded) healthcare is that it creates a government that increasingly feels it’s earned the right to dictate all aspects of your healthcare — a particularly slippery slope considering what we’ve already seen (and continue to see) regarding DRUG AND DISEASE TREATMENT GUIDELINES (HERE is an example that was in the media again this week).

My best advice is to be your family’s health advocate.  Make decisions based on facts as opposed to fear, hype, or outright propaganda — all three of which are seen in over-the-top fashion in OUR CURRENT FLU VACCINE RECOMMENDATIONS.  Regardless of what you decide, living a life without chronic systemic inflammation should be a goal of everyone reading this.  Since it’s the first step in reversing chronic disease and diminishing (or even eliminating) chronic pain, you may be interested in reading THIS SHORT POST on the subject as well.  And if you liked today’s post, be sure to like, share, or follow on FACEBOOK as it’s an easy and effective way to reach the people you love and care about most.


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