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why japan and other nations?  because studies like this one are far too politically volatile for american researchers


HPV Side Effects

Over the years there have been some bad vaccines, but if if weren’t for the never-ending idiocy surrounding the FLU SHOT, the HPV VACCINE (Human Papilloma Virus) might just take the cake.  Although I’ve written quite a bit about it, one of the more interesting studies on the subject came from a group of eight Japanese physicians and Ph.D researchers (Immunological Studies of Cerebrospinal Fluid from Patients with CNS Symptoms after Human Papillomavirus Vaccination), and was published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology.

When it comes to the HPV Vaccine, Japan presents an interesting example.  If you Google “Japan HPV Vaccine,” the first things that come up are a number of stories about the way that Japanese “Antivaxxers” conned the nation, somehow managing to get the vaccine banned.  At least part of this narrative is true.  What’s indisputable is that in 2010, Japan began giving the HPV Vaccine (in 2013 they put it on their list of mandatory shots), but shortly thereafter, the vaccine, although not banned, was taken off the list.  What’s open to interpretation is why. 

Not surprisingly, the pro-mandatory vaccine crowd claimed that the evidence supporting rampant HPV side effects was invalid because the study was done on animals, was flimsy, and was arguably fraudulent.  Is this all true?

The study’s title, Murine Hypothalamic Destruction with Vascular Cell Apoptosis Subsequent to Combined Administration of Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine and Pertussis Toxin, tells its own story.  In mice that were given both HPV and WHOOPING COUGH vaccines at the same time, a certain part of their brain (the HYPOTHALAMUS) was destroyed, as well as finding abnormal amounts of pre-programed death in the cells that make up the circulatory system.  What makes this even more interesting to me is answering the question of why.

Why would this team of eight elite and respected researchers from Tokyo Medical University risk their professional lives to publish something fraudulent — something that was not going to provide them any real ROI.  While it’s true that much (arguably most) of what we call EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE is rife with fraud (don’t click the link without a barf bag handy), publishing these sorts of findings will destroy your career — especially if they’re true.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask any number of researchers who have had lived it; had their lives ruined in similar fashion (HERE is a post on this all too common phenomenon).  Now lets go back and touch on the Japanese research I started with originally.

A different group of eight Japanese researchers (these were neurologists, pediatricians, and Ph.D types) came to some interesting conclusions of their own at about the same time the study we just mentioned was being published — although they got little media attention for their findings.  What did they discover? 

After looking at CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid) antibody levels in patients that had “prolonged central nervous system symptoms after human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination,” and then comparing them to CSF antibody levels of individuals who came down with similar problems, but not due (at least not as far as they knew) to vaccination, the authors concluded that, “These results suggest biological, mainly immunological, changes in the CSF of patients after HPV vaccination.”   Great, but this sounds rather cryptic — what the heck does this research finding really mean?

We’ll get there, but I first want to mention why these researchers did this study in the first place.  According to their own words, “In 2013, three years after launching of HPV vaccination, prolonged symptoms including severe arthralgia [joint pain], learning disability, and anxiety began to surface, resulting in withdrawal of recommendation for HPV vaccination by the Japanese government.”  As I indicated earlier, the outcry among the “FORCED VACCINATION” crowd against this fact was immediate and it was loud.  But let’s see what else these researchers found as far as the experimental (vaccine) group was concerned. 

Hint; to better understand their findings, THIS POST explains the difference between TH1 (made up of attacking immune system cells), TH2 (made up of antibodies that latch onto and essentially mark invaders for the attackers), and TH-17 (the pre-programmed cellular death / apoptosis system) system, which is essentially the body’s “self destruct” mechanism. 

It’s very important for you to realize that when people talk about doing things to “boost” their immune system, they are rather missing the boat.  When you “BOOST” immune system function above normal levels, the end result is not a better-functioning or more powerful immune system — it’s an immune system that is raging out of control.  It’s autoimmunity; the body attacking itself.

  • IL-4 INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY:  IL-4 turns undifferentiated immune cells into TH-2 cells, which actually increases IL-4 production (a positive feedback loop, otherwise known as a vicious cycle).  It’s also said to play an important role in CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, among many others.
  • IL-8 WAS INCREASED:  IL-8 allows immune system cells to get to where they are needed faster (chemotaxis), as well as being a potent promoter of new blood vessel formation.
  • IL-13 INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY:  Similar to IL-4, IL-13 is strongly associated with ALLERGIES / ASTHMA and fibrotic changes of the airways such as those seen in COPD.
  • CD4 T-CELLS INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY:   CD4 are T-Helper cells (a certain kind of white blood cells) that send signals to various immune system cells (CD8 included) that then destroy the invader.  Be aware that CD8 was decreased in the vaccine group.

So far, none of these research findings in and of themselves are necessarily a terrible thing.  Levels of these chemical messengers constantly go up and down, fluctuating according to what the body needs for different situations.  They must, however, be looked at in a ‘big picture’ fashion.  Also remember that there are certain findings that when present are never really a good thing.

  • ANTIBODIES AGAINST GluN2B-NT2, GluN2B-CT & GluN1-NT WERE ALL INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY:  These are various sorts of GLUTAMATE receptors that high levels of antibodies against are seen in certain kinds of seizures (EPILEPSY included), encephalitis, psychiatric disorders, memory and cognitive disorders, along with many others.
  • IL-17 INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY:  Although it took anywhere from one to two years for it to happen (delayed onset), increasing levels of IL-17 (activation of the TH-17 system) is a big time indication of the body attacking itself (AUTOIMMUNITY).  some of the diseases associated with IL-17 include several we’ve already mentioned, along with MS and LUPUS.  An immunologist / rheumatologist as well as an OB/GYN from a huge Midwestern university (I will not name either) indicated on a private message board for FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE that I am part of that this finding is clearly indicative of autoimmune activity.

And to show you that these sorts of findings are not happening in a vacuum, a group of researchers from the University of Rosario in Bogota, Colombia, published a study consisting of several case studies of women who developed something called ASIA SYNDROME (Autoimmune / Auto-Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) after being vaccinated with HPV. 

And in case you have not been paying attention to THESE POSTS; when you see anything in the literature about adjuvants, until you hear otherwise, assume it’s referring to ALUMINUM — a metal that is increasingly being shown to be mega neuro-toxic, and is as close to a “universal adjuvant” as we have (vaccine adjuvants create inflammatory reactions so that the body works harder to make antibodies against whatever germs are in the vaccine). 

As always, realize that it is difficult to trust governmental organizations such as the CDC or FDA for your information concerning vaccination efficacy and safety (FLU SHOTS are the perfect example).  Caveat Emptor!  Do your own research, because why it may be purely coincidental, it seems to me that there is a mountain of research on vaccine dangers and shortcomings that is being published internationally, but that you never seem to find in the good ole USA. If you appreciate our research into issues affecting your health, be sure to like, share or follow on FACEBOOK.


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