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why you can never trust our government to do the right thing concerning healthcare


Science Fraud

If you take the time to at least read the titles of the posts I’ve filed under EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE, you start to realize how little you can actually trust our medical community, whether we are talking about researchers or treating physicians.  It’s not that all these individuals are evil, but the system itself is so rotten that it traps people in its vortex.    YESTERDAY is a prime example of this.  And what do we see today?

We see that FINANCIAL CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST is so massive between the medical community (research / medical devices / pharma / surgical / medical testing) and Congress, that the House Ethics and Rules Committee wrote a letter saying that way too many members were involved in, “legislative actions in which he or she has a pecuniary interest.  Every Member… shall vote on each question put, unless he has a direct personal or pecuniary interest in the event of such question.  That appears to be where most Members stop in determining whether to recuse themselves from voting or taking action on a matter directly affecting their financial status.

In other words, this is far different than our nation’s lawmakers simply voting themselves pay raises.  This is about politicians writing and voting for legislation that lines their protects and protects their financial benefactors in the process.  Make sure to READ THE BRAND NEW EXPOSE on this topic as reported by Sheila Kaplan and Ike Swetlitz (Investments Give Lawmakers a Personal Stake in Biotech and Healthcare).  It shows why Donnie Iris was absolutely right clear back in 1981, when he sang the line, “you can’t depend on politicians” (Love is Like a Rock).


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