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your thyroid on fluoride


Thyroid Fluoride

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“Fluoride is added to the water of about 10 percent of England’s population—and to the taps of about two-thirds of Americans—for the purpose of preventing cavities. It has proved controversial ever since being adopted by American public health authorities in the 1950s, and then spreading to some other countries; supporters say it is a boon for dental health, while critics say it may lead to a variety of health problems.”  From Douglas Main’s February 24, 2015 article in Newsweek called Water Fluoridation May Increase Risk of Underactive Thyroid Disorder
Have you seen the latest study on Hypothyroid (Underactive Thyroid) and Fluoride?  Even though I told you about this phenomenon years ago (HERE), it has been almost universally denied by the medical community, well; forever.  This despite abundant peer-reviewed and anecdotal evidence to the contrary.  A couple of months ago, however, one of the many journals published under the auspices of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) —- Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health — published a study called Are Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water Associated with Hypothyroidism Prevalence in England? A Large Observational Study of GP Practice Data and Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water.

Dr. Philippe Granjean of Harvard University — a physician with a specialty in environmental medicine who has done similar studies on Thyroid and Fluoride, not only said it was the biggest study of its kind ever, but that over eight thousand of England’s medical clinics (over 99%) supplied data.  After seeing this data, Dr. Travis Sheldon, a medical researcher and Professor of Health Services, Research, and Policy at the University of York no longer believes that water fluoridation policies are as “clear cut” as they used to be.    Just how crazy are these conclusions?  Listen and prepare to be shocked.  And after you’ve read it once, read it two or three more times to let its sheer magnitude sink in.

We found that higher levels of fluoride in drinking water provide a useful contribution for predicting prevalence of hypothyroidism. We found that practices located in the West Midlands (a wholly fluoridated area) are nearly twice as likely to report high hypothyroidism prevalence in comparison to Greater Manchester (non-fluoridated area). In many areas of the world, hypothyroidism is a major health concern and in addition to other factors—such as iodine deficiency–fluoride exposure should be considered as a contributing factor [in developing hypothyroidism]. The findings of the study raise particular concerns about the validity of community fluoridation as a safe public health measure.”

But this battle is nothing new folks.  If you go to the very first link on this page and look at the Periodic Table of Elements, you’ll see another common Thyroid-destroying element that has been added to almost 100% of our water supply — Chlorine.  Believe me when I tell you that sooner or later a similar study is going to come out on this element, which is extremely similar to Fluoride.  They are a problem because they are both so similar to Iodine — an element needed by your Thyroid for proper function.  In fact, it’s not a secret (although the medical and dental communities would like it to be) that 60 years ago, Hyperthyroid Disease was “suppressed” by giving folks Fluoride to “kill” their overactive Thyroids. 

Believe me folks when I tell you that Thyroid problems are just the tip of the water as far as Fluoride exposure goes.  In both China and India, it has been linked to low IQ children (see last year’s study called Neurobehavioural Effects of Developmental Toxicity, published in the oldest and most prestigious medical journal in the worldThe Lancet). 

If you are interested in learning more about this nasty element, visit the FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK.  The FAN is not only made up of activists who are trying to sway public opinion on this topic, but any number of prominent scientists as well.  Here’s the rub.  With our government almost rabidly touting Fluoridation of the water supply (see the CDC’s Water Fluoridation Statistics), to admit they’ve been wrong or misguided concerning this subject would open the floodgates.  What floodgates you ask?  I believe it would force them to reexamine the way our nation does VACCINES

You see, MERCURY makes Fluoride look like powdered sugar.  It is the single most toxic non-radioactive element on the planet.  And it’s in any number of our Vaccines (read the previous link).  Don’t be afraid to talk to your lawmakers about both of these issues.  While you are at it, figure out a way to get the Chlorine and Fluoride out of your drinking water —- the quality of your life depends on it (ask anyone with a LOW-FUNCTIONING THYROID GLAND).

Don’t plan on the CDC or FDA to ride in and save the day anytime soon.  The CDC lists Fluoridation of our water supply as one of the top advances in public health of the twentieth century.  And the FDA —- well; if you simply click the link you’ll realize that you can’t trust anything they say about anything — particularly if there’s money involved.  And all the while we continue to grow fat on that “homecookin” we oxymoronically refer to as EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE

If you’ve already been diagnosed with (or merely suspect) THYROID PROBLEMS, it may be time to get proactive and take the bull by the proverbial horns.  Sure; go see your doctor.  But don’t neglect to follow THESE easy to understand steps.  Because most cases of Thyroid disease are AUTOIMMUNE, you have to deal with the underlying Immune System issue(s) or you’ll end up with an array Autoimmune Diseases that will hunt you down like a hungry pack of wolves.


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