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Sugar Health Problems

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I am home alone for a few days.  I flipped on the T.V. last evening to watch some Olympics (wanted to catch the finals of the 100 meters) and my wife happened to be taping 60 minutes. The first segment of the program was an interview with Robert H. Lustig M.D.   Lustig is a professor at the University of San Francisco, but he is not your everyday run-of-the-mill M.D. who DOES NOT GIVE A RIP about the nutritional status of his patients (which he believes to be the number one underlying cause of a myriad of health problems).  He wanted to know why he was seeing so many patients — many of them young children —- with INFLAMMATORY DISEASES such as OBESITY, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, INSULIN RESISTANCE / DIABETES, and all the markers of heart disease.  His conclusion; sugar —- the worst offender being HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Before you write Dr. Lustig off as just another in an ever growing list of “Anti-Sugar Fanatics”, check out his credentials.  Wikipedia‘s bio on Lustig has this to say.

Lustig obtained his bachelors degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976, and received his M.D. from Cornell University Medical College in 1980. From there, he spent six years as a research associate in neuroendocrinology at The Rockefeller University. He performed his pediatric residency at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and his clinical fellowship at University of California San Francisco which he joined in 1984.  He has authored over 85 research articles and 45 book chapters. He is the former Chairman of the Obesity Task Force of the Pediatric Endocrine Society, a member of the Obesity Task force of The Endocrine Society, and on the Steering Committee of the International Endocrine Alliance to Combat Obesity.  On May 26, 2009, Lustig gave a lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”, which is posted on YouTube.  The video has gone viral.


Not only does Dr. Lustig state that sugar is as addictive as Cocaine; a statement that I MYSELF HAVE MADE many times on this very blog, he says that high amounts of the naturally occurring sugar “FRUCTOSE” can cause all sorts of metabolic problems including HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes, Obesity, High Cholesterol, High Triglycerides, Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease, etc, etc, etc.  Here are a few of the things that Lustig is saying about Fructose that are backed up by hard science.  And remember; about 85 – 90% of the added sugar we consume on a daily basis comes from Fructose in the form of HFCS (see link on Fructose).

  • Fructose causes high uric acid levels, that lead to both High Blood Pressure and gout.  I blogged about this (HERE) almost a year ago.
  • Fructose causes your liver to synthesize fats, which leads to high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and heart disease.
  • Fructose causes Insulin Resistance (high levels of blood sugar and insulin simultaneously), which in turn causes Type II Diabetes — a problem now being seen in grade school children.
  • Fructose increases fat deposits in the liver.  The number one cause of fatty liver and Cirrhosis is not alcohol abuse —- it’s sugar consumption.
  • Unlike other foods, Fructose does not reduce the hunger hormone ghrelin.  Ghrelin by way of affecting both insulin and the hormone leptin, tells the brain to stop eating.  No Ghrelin, and you keep on eating —– fructose.
  • Fructose feeds cancer.  Although the 60 Minutes interviewer oooohed and ahhhhhhed over the research on this topic, it has been common knowledge for decades.  Simply do a Google search on “SUGAR FEEDS CANCER” and see what comes up.  I promise you’ll be freaked out — even though the medical community is doing their best to bury this information.

By any measure, Americans consume a lot of sugar.  Even the conservative estimates say that Americans are eating between 1/3 and 1/2 lb of sugar per person per day, with no end in sight.  One of my most popular blog posts ever was on this very topic; unbridled sugar consumption and the affect of uncontrolled blood sugar on our health.  It is the transcript of a talk that I delivered to our local Rotary club about six months ago —– a short, two part series called, THE NUMBER ONE HEALTH PROBLEM IN AMERICA TODAY. If you are interested in getting off the sugar, go back and click on the link just below Dr. Lustig’s video.


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