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a few current river pics


“We’ll have a slaw-burger, fries, and a bottle of Ski; bring it on out for my baby and me.”  From the Kentucky Headhunter’s 1990 hit, ‘Dumas Walker‘. 
Have you ever wanted to come visit the Ozarks, but needed an excuse other than Branson?   The truth is, there are ANY NUMBER OF THINGS to do and and see right here in the general area of Mountain View (Missouri).  But in my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than the Current River.  Because of the record rainfall this summer, it has been tough to even get on the river, let alone get any decent pictures.  Below are a few, most of which were taken late in the season (August and September). 
My good friend Rick, holding a turtle that he found while snorkeling on the Current River (not an uncommon occurrence — many are much smaller, but a few are the size of trash can lids).  The day this was taken, we saw at least ten Bald Eagles, a dozen or more Blue Herons, five or six Ospreys (aka ‘Sea Hawks’), and any number of amazing fish (small mouth, walleye, etc).  Even saw a Hellbender close to Paint Rock.  The deep blue holes of water are where you’ll find the whoppers.
SNORKELING THE CURRENT RIVER is almost an addiction for my kids and I (we love kayaking too — see above pics at Blue Springs on the Jacks Fork — about five miles from our house as the crow flies).  It’s all about the thrill of the next find — the next pair of sunglasses or beach towel; the next t-shirt or hat.  But every once and awhile, you come across something really cool.   We’ve found guns, money, rings (a couple of really nice ones), watches, jewelry, tools, various waterproof electronics, and a huge amount of fishing tackle / poles.  And although we have found plenty of cellphones, last week’s find was novel.  There was an iPhone 6 in a protective case.  It had obviously been down for quite awhile as it was covered with moss and gravel, but after a few days in a rice bowl, it actually booted up. 

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