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a story of vaccine-induced chronic pain and hope for the future


Chronic Pain Cure

  Yesterday I received an unsolicited testimonial from a patient that I had seen one time over six months ago.  Here is how the conversation went.

Dr. Russ, Good morning!

I came to visit you this past August. I was with my mom and we came from the Indiana / Michigan area.  I keep forgetting to give you an update on the treatment you gave me.  I found significant relief in my neck and upper back, with my chiropractic adjustments actually holding for longer periods of time now. I started exercising again in December, and my performance and pain levels are a lot better than when I was exercising last spring, before I came for treatment. I remember after the treatment my neck not hurting for the first time in a long time. 

I still have some problems with my hip, pelvic, sacrum areas, which were my main concerns. I have a dull ache in my sacroiliac joint (at least I think that’s where it is). And I totally can tell I still have some fascial adhesions around my hips and etc. I am working these out with my own fascia tools and Pilates, which seems to be a great choice for my body – a mix of harder work and stretching at the same time. I am also about to start some weight training again. However, if I can’t make enough significant progress in the coming 6 months plus, then I will be returning to see you another time to work on these areas, or whatever needs worked on. Stress can really get my back and neck all tight again too. We have some bad winter weather over here and driving makes me tense up real bad. 

Overall my entire body is doing much better. I noticed the biggest change when I started exercising again in December and how different it felt this time around post-treatment, versus pre-treatment. I ran on the treadmill the other day for a few minutes and was surprised to see how well I did compared to when I tried last year.  Anyways, I had been meaning to write you, but finally got to it! Thank you for what you do! It helps lots of people and is the missing link that my doctors just cannot seem to wrap their brains around!

Hello Jenna,
That’s fantastic!  Just let me know if you are this way again and we’ll try to knock out the rest.  BTW, I could not remember you immediately and looked at FB and remembered immediately.  That pic with your husband and kids…. amazing!  Also, would you mind if I posted this as a testimonial?

Absolutely you can use it! I tell everyone in pain about my journey and the role fascia & scar tissue have played. So shout it to the rooftops! I actually was just helping someone in pain today and told them about mine & sent them links to your blog to read about scar tissue. And yes I thought it might be hard for you to remember me since I came back in August. I actually debated on sending a photo to help! 🙂 My sister is a photographer…that’s why that pic of my family is so good! Anyway, thanks again and maybe see ya in the future!

– Jenna 

Allow me to give you a bit of background.  The first thing you must realize is that Jenna’s case presents a picture-perfect example of what I referred to in my post, “MUZZLED” —- the all-too-common  tale of vaccine damage denial.  Bottom line, if reactions to drugs or vaccines are not reported to the proper governmental agencies, they are never counted among the adverse reaction statistics.  Thus, whatever drug or vaccine looked at appears much safer than it is.  Because the “ANTIVAXXER” rhetoric has been (purposefully) ratcheted up to a scream; whether dealing with topics such as FLU VACCINES, VACCINES in general, or vaccine sequelae such as AUTISM, there is no longer room for a conversation.  For the record, numerous meta-analysis have shown that vaccine side effects are reported to VAERS (the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) about 1% of the time (HERE).  Not a misprint.  Now, back to Jenna.

Jenna is a super-fit thirtyish mother of two young children.  Always ultra-active, a TDAP SHOT she received while she was pregnant started this nightmare.  She entered the world of CHRONIC PAIN, climbed on the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND, and started spinning.  As you might imagine, she had been through all sorts of medical tests and treatments by the time I saw her, but had gotten off all of it except for the ANTIDEPRESSANTS and MUSCLE RELAXERS.  The only things that actually helped Jenna were FASCIABLASTING and certain kinds of stretches / yoga.  Even though Jenna’s issues were “SYSTEMIC,” I decided to see her once because I had a hunch I could help (her problems were fairly symmetrical left to right as well as being found both above and below the waist).

What did I determine from the examination and treatment?  She had a combination SACROILIAC JOINT PROBLEM and SUPERIOR CLUNEAL NERVE ENTRAPMENT (as well as some HIP FLEXOR ADHESIONS), along with an array of FASCIAL ADHESIONS and connective tissue FIBROSIS, undoubtedly driven by an inflammatory reaction to the shot (remember that inflammation always causes fibrosis — the medical word for what I refer to in my clinic as “SCAR TISSUE” or “DENSIFIED TISSUE” (HERE).  One of the clues that I might be able to help Jenna was that chiropractic adjustments would help her, but the results were extremely short-lived (HERE or HERE) — something that improved dramatically after her treatment.  Speaking of treatment…..

Although I turn down the majority of the people who contact me from around the world because, unfortunately, after providing me with a history, I don’t feel I can help them; my pledge to my OUT-OF-STATE & INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS (not to mention most of my local patients) is simple —- you will know whether my approach will help you after a single treatment.  This does not mean that one treatment will be enough to “cure” you (as an old professor of mine used to say, ‘the only thing cured is ham‘), but you will know whether or not we are on track (HERE or HERE). 

For those who want to dig deeper into the root causes of fibrosis-causing inflammation (something I highly recommend, whether you have visible / tangible problems or not), HERE is the post.  And  if you appreciate what we are doing in tiny MOUNTAIN VIEW, MISSOURI, be sure to show us some love on FACEBOOK since it’s still one of the best ways to reach the people you love and value most.


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