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are car wrecks the only way to get whiplash?


Abuse Chronic Pain

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Although MVA’S are the number one way the people I treat for CHRONIC NECK PAIN or CHRONIC HEADACHES received their whiplash injury, they are certainly not the only way — not by a long shot.  I routinely see people who have developed CHRONIC PAIN due to whiplash caused by Physical Abuse (unfortunately, very common in this part of the country), SPORTS INJURIES, HORSE ACCIDENTS, falls, along with just about anything else you could possibly imagine.  In fact, you will see in a moment that the headline for this post could have read, “Whiplash Injuries are Most Common Way of Developing Chronic Pain Syndromes“.

When the head is ‘whipped’ violently back and forth, not only is there the propensity for injury to the FASCIA, there is significant chance of ending up with MTBI (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury).  The problem with MTBI is that it opens the gates to all sorts of other health-related problems because it actually helps create AUTOIMMUNE REACTIONS within the body.  This leads to the wild array of “bizarre and seemingly unrelated symptoms” that famous whiplash researchers Gargan & Bannister discussed in the conclusions of some of their ongoing studies. This means that not only might you be dealing with LOCAL FASCIAL ADHESIONS, but SYSTEMIC FASCIAL ADHESIONS (or SYSTEMIC TENDINOSIS or some other SYSTEMIC PAIN SYNDROME) as well. 

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