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Rib Pain Cure

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I saw J.P. on three different occasions for a variety of problems ranging from TOS, CHRONIC BACK AND NECK PAIN, and all sorts of RIB AND CHEST PAIN.   I have a feeling that we may have at least in part been dealing with SYSTEMIC FASCIAL ADHESIONS with some of this.  Anyway, here is an unsolicited testimonial from someone who, despite not having as good of results as some of the people who have traveled to Mountain View (HERE), is thrilled with the amount of relief he did get.

Hello Dr. Russ!
I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave me last year.  I am not cured but now my extreme pain usually only occurs with activity.   My constant pain is usually in my neck and left arm, vs. severe pain in my neck down thru the shoulders to both wrists, upper chest, spine and ribs.

What we resolved –

  • Constant extreme pain down my spine and in ALL of my ribs. The rib pain was so horrible I can’t even believe it was real. It ran thru my entire rib- from the spine to the center of my chest… it was truly unbearable
  • I couldn’t hold my head up… I was wearing a tempurpedic neck brace to drive around and wore it to the airport and your office.
  • I was not able to wear a seat belt without pain in my chest!
  • Constant pain down my arms AND wrists. I have about 5 spots on my left arm and two on my right although the pain in the right arm is very minor (pain increases quickly with activity). I am very glad my wrists are much better!
  • My shoulder pain (front tip of both shoulders) is virtually gone but occasionally occurs with activity

It was a pleasure to meet you.I hope you continue to help and heal others. I still cannot work, but I am determined to keep fighting! If I ever get completely cured I will let you know what I did to heal.

Sincerely, John P.  Texas


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