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Deadly Asthma


  • Number of non-institutionalized adults who currently have asthma: 17.5 million
  • Percent of non-institutionalized adults who currently have asthma: 7.7
  • Number of children who currently have asthma: 7.0 million
  • Percent of children who currently have asthma: 9.4%
  • Number of visits (to physician offices, hospital outpatient and emergency departments) with asthma as primary diagnosis: 17.0 million
  • Number of discharges with asthma as first-listed diagnosis: 456,000
  • Average length of stay: 3.4 days
  • Number of deaths: 3,447

This statistic on asthma-related deaths is too low.  If you stick around for tomorrow’s column, you will see that.  I have seen the death stats for American Asthma put at almost 10,000 a year.  Asthma is the chronic INFLAMMATORY disease of the airways, and is characterized by recurring symptoms, broncho-spasm, and subsequent airway obstruction. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.  How is it typically dealt with?  Inhalers.  How should it be dealt with?  That one is easy — firstly with DIET, and CHIROPRACTIC!

Because ASTHMA is based on INFLAMMATION, it is largely a disease of lifestyle.  Because Chiropractic Adjustments affect both the nerves that control breathing, as well as the part of brainstem that regulate respiration, asthma can often times be effectively managed with methods that are actually safe.  Is chiropractic safer than inhalers? 

You will have to come back tomorrow to answer this question, but suffice it to say that the scientific studies on CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS FOR CHILDREN WITH ASTHMA, are overwhelmingly supportive of its safety record as well as its effectiveness.  But how?  It all comes back to the nervous system.

When vertebrate get misaligned, or loose their normal ability to move freely on each other, bad things happen.  One of these is nerve interference.  Irritate a nerve, and irritate wherever that nerve goes.  I cannot tell you how many children (and adults) with asthma, I have successfully treated over the years.  And for those whose cases are more severe; there may be an underlying issue that requires testing.  

The bottom line?  You do not want your child on inhalers, if they can be helped by more conservative (non-deadly means).  Oh, you mean to tell me that you had not heard that Asthma Inhalers can be deadly?  You’ll have to stick around for tomorrow’s column in order to learn that MOST (the studies say 80%) of the deaths attributed to Asthma are actually caused not by the asthma itself, but by the inhalers.


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