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banning trans fats is a good thing


Trans Fat Ban

Igor Ovsyannykov from Pexel

“The removal of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils containing industrially produced trans fatty acids from the food supply has been described as one of the most straightforward public health interventions for improving diet and reducing the risk of noncommunicable disease.”   Dr. Shauna Downs, University of Sydney’s Menzies Center for Health Policy, witing in the current issue of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Let me start by saying that I am a person who believes in personal-responsibility.  I do not want the government acting as the “Food Police” — something they are doing with increasing regularity.  However, when people vote for government-funded healthcare, they do not typically realize that in the end, they are handing over the right for the government to control every facet of their lives — including what they eat. 

Despite what one believes about government-run healthcare, there are certain substances that have been labeled as “food”, that are as far from the definition of food as one can get (HERE).  MSG is one of these.  Another is Trans Fats.  Although TRANS FATS occur in nature in very small amounts (these are actually good for you), they are, for all intents and purposes, a man-made product that is not real food.  Why should they be banned?  Only because they are directly related to a whole host of devastating and deadly diseases such as heart disease, CANCER, DIABETES, infertility / endometriosis, gallstones, ALZHEIMER’S DEMENTIA, and a host of others.  In fact, if a disease is considered to be INFLAMMATORY, it is likely to be related to the consumption of Trans Fats.

Studies have shown that when bans / mandatory labeling of Trans Fats were undertaken, good things resulted.  One of these was a 35% reduction in the amount of Trans Fats found in Canadian breast milk.  Another was a nearly 60% decrease in plasma Trans Fats here in America.  Still another resulted in increasing levels of HDL (the so called “good” cholesterol) and decreasing LDL (the so called “bad” cholesterol).

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