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diet soda -vs- regular soda


Diet Soda vs Regular Soda

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Believe it or not, it’s a question I get all the time; Which soda is better for me, diet or regular?  Huh?  You’re asking me?  You already know my answer to that question grasshopper.  Neither one is better.  They are both bad for you.  But not equally bad.

REGULAR SODA is crazy high in white sugar.  Regular consumption of white sugar can cause a myriad of health problems by ruining your body’s ability to CONTROL ITS BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.  In fact, it seems that every study coming out about the dangers of PROCESSED SUGAR (particularly HFCS) are freakier than the study that came out before it. This is scary considering the explosion of Diabetes here in America and the fact that studies are saying that for those in the 15 – 25 age group; their #1 source of calories is soda (HERE).  But despite the problems that regular soda creates, it seems that diet soda is worse — possibly much worse.

A large European study of over 15,000 subjects that was published this week in the medical journal Diabetologia, said that just one can (12 oz) of regular, sugar-sweetened soda a day increased one’s chances of developing Type II Diabetes by 22%.  However, if that drink is a diet drink (“artificially-sweetened“) your chances of developing Type II Diabetes increase an additional 30 points to an astounding 52%.   In the words of the immortal Harry Caray, “Holy Cow“!    But truthfully, you should not be surprised.  Clear back in October of 2011 I wrote about DIET SODA, using a study by Dr. Sharon Fowler of the University of Texas Health Science Center.

By now, everyone knows that sugar makes people fat, but a large review of 26 years of patient data found that people who drink diet soft drinks were more likely to become overweight than those who drank regular sodas.   Not only that, but the more diet sodas they drank, the higher their risk of becoming overweight or obese – 65 percent more likely for each diet drink per day! The findings, the latest from the long-term San Antonio Heart Study, took even the researchers by surprise as they found that regular soft drinks had significantly less connection with serious weight gain than did diet soda.

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