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before and after videos — chronic neck pain


I’ve never been able to do that since the accident.  Lonna Emerson discussing the effects of today’s treatment after 26 years of Chronic Neck Pain
Chronic Neck Pain

Image by Wiki:Jacques3377

I have been shooting PATIENT TESTIMONIAL VIDEOS for almost two years.  Since the beginning, I have been threatening to do a before / after video but never seemed to have the time.  Yesterday morning worked out perfect.  

I met Lonna for the first time yesterday, just before lunch  (she was my last patient of the morning).   She is a lot like hundreds upon hundreds of other patients I have seen throughout the years for CHRONIC NECK PAIN caused by old MVA’S.  In her case, the accident occurred over two and a half decades ago.  Even people who do not grasp the significance of specific sorts of injuries caused by car crashes (FASCIAL ADHESIONS for one) have no problem understanding Lonna’s case.  The crash caused three different fractures of her neck and left her incredibly restricted in her ability to move her head.  In fact, Lonna is one of the only people I have met who not only survived a hangman’s fracture, but was not paralyzed. Her car slammed into a metal highway divider and flipped five times.

After performing an orthopedic / neurological exam on Lonna, I had Tracy shoot a couple minutes of video while we went through her ranges of motion again.  Lonna’s cervical spine (neck) range of motion was terrible — about half of what would be considered ‘normal’ (see video on left).  The second video (the one on the right) was shot minutes after a 15 minute session of TISSUE REMODELING.  Bear in mind that although I did adjust her, I purposefully did not do so until after Tracy shot the second video. The thing I want you to notice here is the incredible increase in range of motion in Lonna’s neck that occurs almost instantly.

Oh; one more thing I want you to pay attention to while watching the first video.  Take note of her response to my question concerning how long an adjustment would last her (her answer: “a day“).  In other words, no matter how many times she gets adjusted, it’s never enough (HERE).  Even though it is one of the only things that helps her feel better, the results are ridiculously temporary.  Although I have mentioned this phenomenon numerous times in my blog posts, I actually devoted an entire post to this topic while doing my series on Chronic Neck Pain (HERE).  Hopefully these videos are of a good enough quality that you can see the difference before and after.




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