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big pharma focuses on drugs for neurological disorders and cancer


Neurology Drugs

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There have been a slew of recent scientific articles talking about antibiotics.  Not only has over-prescription and overuse of antibiotics played a big part in ruining our nation’s health (HERE), the drug companies are manufacturing more of them than ever (HERE), but are not developing any new ones.  This is true of many other classes of drugs as well (i.e. CHOLESTEROL DRUGS). So; what kinds of drugs are the Pharmaceutical Industry focusing on?  Easy.  They are concentrating on producing the drugs that people will either make them a boatload of quick money — or drugs that people have to take for a lifetime. No surprise here.  They are focusing on drugs for CANCER and Neurological Disorders (things like NEUROPATHY, PARKINSON’S DISEASE, ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, and many OTHERS.

Hopefully you read the recent post about cancer doctors who are complaining (and rightly so) that 11 of the 12 cancer drugs OK’d by the FDA last year, cost, on average, over $100,000.00 apiece.  And as for neurological problems; remember the old saying, “Diamonds are Forever“?  The Pharmaceutical Industry realizes that they could change that to “Neurological Diseases are Forever“.   For them, creating drugs for Neurological Problems makes financial sense.  Why create drugs like antibiotics that are prescribed for a week or ten days, when you can create drugs for diseases that are “incurable” — diseases that people can only hope to “manage”? 

And lest we forget; the medical community is doing a poor job of telling people why rates of Neurological Diseases have skyrocketed in recent years.  Much of it undoubtedly has to do with the same things that are related to cancer.  These would include POOR DIETS, poor lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, stress, etc, etc.  But lets go one step further.  In case you have not seen it, you may want to check out my recent piece on THE LINK BETWEEN NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES AND GLUTEN.

If cancer and Neurological Disorders are numbers one and two as far as new drugs are concerned, what rounds out the Trifecta?  Glad you asked.  Drugs for AUTOIMMUNITY, INFLAMMATORY ILLNESS, and the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM.  The truth is that until both doctors and patients lose their disconnect between diet and disease, people will continue to get sick in never-before-heard-of numbers, and the drug companies will make out like the bandits they are.   Oh, the joys of EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE.


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