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Continuing Education

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I confess.  I love attending quality CE (Continuing Education) Seminars.  There is such a massive amount of new information out there that is pertinent to my patient’s health.  Fail to stay current with it and you and your patients will be left behind.  If you are one of those suffering with one or more CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DEGENERATIVE CONDITIONS, the fact that you are reading this post means that you have finally come to the realization that drugs and surgery are not going to magically solve your problem.  You’ve figured out that you will have to step outside the “medical” box if you want to have any sort of hope at solving your problem and having a normal life again. 

When you get down to brass tacks, practically all disease is really just one big thing.  For all intents and purposes, most sickness and disease has a common cause —- as well as a common cure (HERE)But to truly grasp the complexity of what I am talking about, you’ll have to understand the relationship between Inflammation, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Gluten Sensitivity, and Autoimmunity (HERE).  If you fail to have a cursory understanding of the dance taking place between these four players, it is much more likely you will fail in your bid to return to health.  Oh, you will have no problem finding a doctor who can give you something to mask your symptoms. But as far as long-lasting relief and seeing long term positive changes (healing) —- it simply will not happen with pharmaceuticals — it can’t.  That is not what drugs do (HERE).  Allow me to give you a quick overview.

One of the many bad things that INFLAMMATION often does is to cause the Small Intestine to become “sieve like” or hyper-permeable.  As SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION increases, the holes in the sieve get larger.  This increases the number and amounts of things that should not be let through into the blood stream, getting through.  The medical community calls this INCREASED INTESTINAL PERMEABILITY (aka Leaky Gut Syndrome), and there are way over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies on this topic in the scientific literature.  

For a whole host of reasons (HERE), people’s immune systems frequently recognize GLUTEN — wheat protein — as foreign, and attack it.  Once your body starts attacking Gluten or (THINGS IT THINKS ARE GLUTEN), it often starts making antibodies against it’s own tissues (AUTOIMMUNITY).  (HERE) is a short list of the Autoimmune Diseases that have been linked in some form or fashion to Gluten.  By the way, it is critical to understand that most Gluten Reactions do not manifest as gut problems (indigestion, bloating, gas, etc), but as NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS.

The thing about this vicious cycle is that it can start from anywhere.  In other words, there is not necessarily a beginning or end, just a self-perpetuating cycle that can be entered into at any point.  If you have a cursory understanding of what is on this page, you already know more than 90% of the medical profession.  They are still chasing their proverbial tails; treating you with things like pain meds, CORTICOSTEROIDS, ANTI-NEUROPATHY DRUGS, Anti-inflammatory meds, Muscle Relaxers, and many others (HERE) — and that’s just for starters.  If you think this is a good thing, you might want to check out THIS SHOCKING LINK.

Knowledge is power.  I would hope that you believe nothing that any doctor tells you — self included — without doing some serious research of your own.  The cool thing about the internet is that you now have access to millions upon millions of studies and a wide array of information on these particular topics at your fingertips.  If you are suffering from any of these problems, make yourself an expert.  With a bit of well-placed study, you can know more than your doctor about the best ways to deal with your particular problem.  And as far as helping yourself get better is concerned, HERE is a great place to start.


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