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bilateral piriformis syndrome


Piriformis Syndrome

Image by Beth Ohara
Back when I started practice, I was like most of my patients still are today.  I had never even heard the term PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME before.  What I did recognize, however, was that lots of my patients had leg pain and SCIATICA that originated around the buttock area; just below the SACROILLIAC JOINT.  A bit over a decade ago, I started figuring out some of the reasons for this pain. 

Jeanie was one of my original patients over twenty years ago.  For who knows how long, she had struggled with buttock pain and sciatica.  It had always been chalked up to the heavy, hard work associated with running a dairy farm.  Every time I saw her, it was for the same complaint, and the adjustments that I did would not last for more than a day or two and her symptoms would be back —- exactly like they were before. 

Jeanie became one of my very first Piriformis Syndrome patients.  After treating her successfully on one side, her other side became much more noticeable (our BULLSYEING PAGE will tell you why).  We fixed that as well.  Needless to say, Jeanie has become a big believer in our TISSUE REMODELING TREATMENT.  She went from getting adjusted every month with no real change in her symptoms, to getting adjusted a few times a year with minimal Piriformis Syndrome symptoms. 

Although the video is brand new, it has been over a decade since I treated Jeanie for this problem.


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