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black mold migraine headache testimonial


Black Mold


A couple of months ago I had a mother come in with her two young kids.  Both had developed MIGRAINE HEADACHES at almost the same time — something that screamed at me to be looking for a universal cause.  Because this sounded suspicious to me, after checking and adjusting them, I talked to “mom” about BLACK MOLD, and the fact that it was a known cause of Migraine Headaches.  I suggested to her that there was an almost 100% chance that there was something in their house driving INFLAMMATION into their systems and causing this symptom.  I told her that it could be a food sensitivity such as GLUTEN, but that this particular scenario had Black Mold written all over it.  I told her that they needed to look really really hard and make sure that they did not have any hidden leaks anywhere in their house — particularly after the brutal winter of multiple snow / ice / freezing rain / sleet storms we went through.  I got this email out of the blue yesterday and thought I should share it with you.

I wanted to give you an update. I had brought A & M in because they were having migraines. You told me to check for black mold and sure enough we found some. We had a leak in our roof that we didn’t even know about. The wall in A’s room consisted of black mold. We removed all of it and neither child has had a headache. Thank you for telling me to check for it.

Thank you so much!!

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