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Scar Tissue Remodeling

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What have I always said about our TISSUE REMODELING?  I tell patients that if you are going to see positive changes, you’ll see them after just one treatment.  This is true no matter how long you may have had the problem (HERE & HERE).  I never really know how many treatments it will take to resolve one of the numerous PAIN SYNDROMES we deal with daily, but let me reiterate; we will know after just one treatment whether or not we are on the target with our treatment.  If a person sees significant change after their first visit, but but additional treatment is required because the problem has not totally resolved, the patient will likely go through a situation that I have coined, “Bullseying“.  Bullseying is the process of me getting on target, narrowing down the focus of your treatment, and finding the very specific root cause(s) of your problem — the chief area of Fascial Adhesion.

If you have ever sighted in a rifle, you know exactly what I am talking about.  You look through your scope, take a shot, and then walk downrange or peer through a spotting scope to look and see if it hit the target — and if so, where.  You then adjust your scope your accordingly.  My son is particularly good at this (the proof is a freezer full of DEER MEAT).  Sometimes the rifle does not take much sighting in.  Sometimes it takes a fair bit.  You never know for sure until you put some lead downrange and then go and check your target.

When I break the FASCIAL ADHESIONS that cause of so many cases of PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME, CHRONIC NECK PAIN / HEADACHES, BURSITIS, and other common health problems, we will typically see the problem focalize (narrow down to a Bullseye) as it improves.  A perfect example of this is a person I treated yesterday that we’ll call “Joe”. 

About six years ago, Joe went through a botched hip replacement surgery.  He then suffered through three more surgeries as doctors attempted to repair their original screw up.  An active vibrant man; Joe soon found himself unable to do very much of anything without going through excruciating pain.  As is the case of many people that I treat, it had ruined his life.  I was the 20th (twentieth) doctor that Joe had seen in an attempt to find someone to help him with his problem.  The cool thing is that “Joe” is dramatically better.  But the thing that amazed me about his problem was the way that it so dramatically “Bullseyed”.  Although at his initial visit he had tremendous amounts of scar tissue on and around his SURGICAL SCAR, most of that was gone yesterday (his second treatment).  What I found instead was a small area of restrictive adhesion accumulated around his FLEXOR TENDON that neither of us had any idea was there because all his pain was around the scar or in the area of the PIRIFORMIS (on his back side).  We worked this Hip Flexor area that was now hurting him (on the front) and BAM!  An instant and total relief of his pain.

In a way, it can be like peeling an onion — particularly with severe cases. Sometimes when I treat people, the pain moves up or down or switches sides.  You have to understand that it’s not that the Scar Tissue itself moves when I treat you.  It’s when I break up one area (the outer layer of the onion), you might feel the pain in a place you’ve never felt it before (a deeper layer of the onion).  Some of this is because even though I might spend 2-3 hours with you, I simply cannot check every inch of your body.  Bottom line; don’t panic because the pain moved after treatment.  And by the way “Joe” —- I sincerely hope your pain never returns!


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