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Shoulder Surgery

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It is exciting to have lots of people come from out of the area, out of state, and even from out of the country to see me for their health-related problems.  Many of these people have all but given up hope of ever having a normal life again (HERE IS A RECENT EXAMPLE).  If you read or watch very many of our PATIENT TESTIMONIALS, you will begin to notice a trend — the fact that most of these “LONG DISTANCE” patients have had their problem(s) for years, or even decades.  Here is a really cool testimonial from Liz, whom I saw on Monday.  Liz, like so many others, was at the end of her rope as far as the Chronic Pain and dysfunction was concerned.
I don’t think my family could understand the chronic pain I had been suffering. My range of motion and strength diminished after a shoulder injury. My life changed dramatically and I could no longer enjoy many activities. The simplest tasks- lifting a pan of water- were extremely painful. I was enduring life, not living it. My neck was so stiff I couldn’t fully turn left and right – driving became risky. As my life became more limited, I felt weak and frustrated. Then one fortunate day, I found Dr. Schierling’s website and booked an appointment. This technique is a life-saver. This is not a wait and see treatment, the relief is immediate. After one session I can turn my neck left and right and the extreme pain is literally GONE. I am grateful to Dr. Schierling and am now learning more about nutrition and caring for myself.    Liz Jacobsen, Hideaway, TX.
Many — maybe even the majority of CHRONIC NECK and SHOULDER PROBLEMS are the result of FASCIAL ADHESIONS and TENDINOSIS.  It is imperative that people suffering with CHRONIC PAIN understand these two concepts.  Fascia is the single most pain-sensitive tissue in the body and does not image with MRI.  SCAR TISSUE is up to 1,000 times more pain-sensitive than normal tissue.  Add these facts together and you can see a recipe for disaster — a perfect storm of pain and dysfunction.  

People visit us because they are tired of going to the doctor and getting eye rolls, insinuations of malingering, accusations of being a drug seeker, and then being prescribed things like PAIN MEDS, CORTICOSTEROIDS, and ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.  There is a better way.  Do not give up hope.  Take charge of your health and change your life for the better!  Our goal is to provide you an exit strategy to get off the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND and take your life back. 

By the way, thanks Liz.  I wish you and your husband nothing but the best!  It was an awesome couple hours I was privileged to spend with you.


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