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chronic pain testimonial from a retired dentist


Neck Pain

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Fortunately for us, dentistry is no longer like the pictures above.  Modern dentistry is far easier on us patients than it used to be.  However, it is harder on the dentist — much harder.  Dentists (and their assistants / hygienists) spend hour after hour in essentially the same crimped / cramped, leaned over position(s).  This is problematic in and of itself.  Throw in a severe physical trauma, and you have the potential for an ugly situation on your hands.

Below is a recent testimonial from Dr. Winna.  Dr. Winna entered the world of Chronic Pain almost 20 years ago via a skiing accident (CHRONIC NECK PAIN, CHRONIC SHOULDER PAIN, HIP PAIN, PIRIFORMIS).  If you enjoy testimonials like Dr. Winna’s, take a few moments to watch some of our nearly 200 VIDEO TESTIMONIALS.

In 1995 while snow skiing at Lake Tahoe, California, a snowboarder crashed into me causing a rotator cuff injury.  Over the next ten years, I had three cortisone injections and took pain medications to no avail.   I regularly used over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) to try and minimize the pain.  I also have Fibromyalgia so I am always in some degree of pain.   Then in 2011, while playing tennis on a Wii, I suddenly began to experience even worse shoulder pain.

I saw a sports medicine physician who sent me to a physical therapist.  The PT said they see many people with this sort of injury because there is no resistance when playing the Wii.  After several weeks of therapy, I felt only minimal relief.  Not wanting to live in chronic pain any more, I researched my injury on the internet and found Dr. Schierling’s website.  After my first visit, I had very little pain.  And after a follow up one week later, I was pain free.  I have been playing tennis (real tennis) the past two summers.

I still suffered from chronic pain in both hips.  Even though I see a chiropractor every week, he could not alleviate this pain.  It became difficult to walk after only an hour or so.  Dr. Schierling once again came to my rescue.  I even traveled to Dublin, Ireland last Fall and was able to walk through the city every day with only minimal discomfort.  Doctor Schierling has enabled me to look forward to many years of retirement which can now include sports and travel.  God bless you Dr. Schierling!

Dr. Edwina J. Beasley
Chief Dental Officer, Retired
California Department of Corrections


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