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chronic pain: where should i start?


“I just wanted to add that I wish I had come here first, because if I had I known about Doctor Schierling, it would have saved me two cat scans, a cat scan with dye, two MRI’s, a diagnosis of possible liver cancer which turned out to be nothing, and just five years of pain.” Susan Mason from the audio part of her video testimonial below.  The video portion somehow got cut off.

Susan is an extra-classy woman who, before I saw her for the first time back in the summer, had suffered with sciatic leg pain due to PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME for over five years.  In the course of being run thru just about every test you can name (not to mention some you probably can’t), she became a poster child for the phenomenon of OVERDIAGNOSIS when she was erroneously told that she had tumors on her liver (you can imagine the stress and expense such a diagnosis leads to). 

Take a look at her VIDEO TESTIMONIAL and you’ll see why in most cases, our clinic is a good starting point for any number of health problems.  Oh; and make sure to take note when she says that the cost of all her treatment here was less than the cost of her co-pay for one MRI.  And be sure to like, share or follow on FACEBOOK.

Look; if you cut your finger off or get a chunk of glass in your eye, I’m not the person you want to see. But if you are struggling with CHRONIC NECK PAIN, HEADACHES, SHOULDER PAIN, TENDINOSIS, FASCIAL ADHESIONS, KNEE PROBLEMS, HIP / BUTTOCK PAIN, CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN, or any number of OTHERS, it might be in your best interest to make a trip over to MOUNTAIN VIEW first. Otherwise you might end up being led to believe you have CANCER like Susan above or Harley’s family (HERE). Quite possibly the most tragic part of her story is that if you change the names, dates, and problems (she forgot to mention that her chronic mid back pain is about 75% better), I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of similar during the 25 years I’ve been in private practice.  In other words, stories like her’s are all too common.

For instance, I recently saw a teenager (“Johnny”) who had struggled with headaches for a number of years.  He was brought in by his parents who were naturally concerned.  The thing is, I was their last resort, which they made sure I knew (they weren’t too hip on seeing a chiro, but desperate times call for desperate measures).  They had already taken him to their doctor, who prescribed some OTC meds (both ACETAMINOPHEN and IBUPROFEN), and when this didn’t work, they set him up with a specialist who ran a CT ON HIS HEAD (a brain scan), looking for tumors.  Although brain tumors certainly can cause headaches; because they are exceedingly rare when compared to things like SUBLUXATION or FASCIAL ADHESION, it’s no surprise (and thankfully so) that none was found.

After a couple years of what I refer to in here as riding the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND, the parents broke down and brought Johnny to me.  The first thing I did was to make sure that the ranges of motion in his neck were normal (HERE).  They weren’t even close.  And although there had probably been $25,000 spent on this kid between insurance coverage and out-of-pocket payments, no one had figured this simple fact out yet.  Immediately following his first Tissue Remodeling treatment and adjustment, his ROM was virtually normal, and his headache was completely gone — for the first time in over two years.  I saw him once or twice after that to clean things up and make sure everything was functioning well (and to get him started with a DT UNIT for use at home).  Simple, inexpensive, no wasted time, effort or dollars. What more could anyone ask for?  The point is this….

Why not start here first?  If don’t think I can’t help, I’ll tell you so (HERE — Friday I had to send two people out that I could not help, the first a patient with an acute compression fracture in the mid thoracic spine (logging injury), the second a CALCANEAL STRESS FRACTURE in a pre-pubescent athlete).  If I’m not sure but think it’s worth a look, I’ll tell you that also (HERE).  The cool thing is that worst case scenario, you’re out a few bucks without me being able to help you.   The doubly cool thing is that rather than me telling you you’ll need lots and lots of treatment to fix your problem (HERE), you’ll know after your first visit if my approach is right for you (HERE).  What have you got to lose other than the pain and misery?


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