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Mountian View Missouri Police Department

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I remember the first time I met Tom.  I had only been in Mountain View for a couple of months and had lost my dog, Drifter.   So, I did what any normal person would do.  I went down to the police station and filed a “missing dog” report with the officer on call — Tom.  Fortunately, Drifter (a Staffie, like our current dog Bobus) was found a couple days later, under a neighbor’s porch with a broken leg, having been hit by a car.  I’m not sure if Tom would even remember that story, but over the years, he and I have gone to church together and we were even in the Lions Club together 20+ years ago.  In fact, I believe the year that I was president, he was my vice. 

A month ago, I attended Tom’s retirement shindig.  Having been a member of Mountain View’s police force for 35 years, it was a big deal, with burgers served and hundreds of people turning out over the lunch hour to wish him well in his retirement.  I was amazed to learn that he had been involved in something like 5,000 felony arrests over the course of his career.  When Tom came to me asking for help with his CHRONIC SHOULDER PAIN, my desire was to make it as good as new.  Not sure we’ll ever get to “new”, but Tom is 80% better after only two treatments (I gave him a third yesterday).  rather than me talk about it, I’ll let him tell you about it himself.  Enjoy your retirement Tom, and thank you for the many years of service to our community! 


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