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gluten, inflammation, and slipped discs


Gluten Disc Herniation

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“Systemic or chronic inflammation has a domino effect that can seriously undermine your health…    Many experts now see inflammation as arising from an immune system response that’s out of control….   Common allergens like casein and gluten (proteins found in dairy and wheat) are quick to spark the inflammatory cascade….   So the first step in cooling inflammation on a cellular level is to pay attention to your diet.”   Cherry picked from Causes Of Inflammation by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP
A local mechanic (I’ll call him “Larry”) came to me several weeks ago with a “Slipped Disc”.  He injured himself in the shop and had been struggling to work ever since.  Although he was slowly (emphasis on “slowly”) getting better after CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS, ICE, walking, use of an EXERCISE BALL, INVERSION, etc, his results were not as rapid as either one of us wanted.  Since Larry and his wife had been increasingly interested in proper nutrition, I took a few minutes one day and talked to them about Inflammation.

The thing is, even though the word “INFLAMMATION” is bantered around constantly, I don’t find one in a thousand people who really knows what it is.  More importantly, I find few people who know what drives it or how to effectively squelch it.  Although there are lots of different things that can drive Inflammation, one of the more common in our “CARB-ADDICTED” society is GLUTEN (wheat protein).  After our discussion, Larry and his wife started a GLUTEN FREE PROGRAM immediately.  The results were pretty amazing. 

When I saw him on Friday, he said that he started getting dramatically better within a couple days of starting the diet.  With the insane numbers of people showing some degree of Gluten Sensitivity, but most doctors failing to acknowledge it (HERE), we are seeing a largely preventable health disaster taking place in this country.  Follow Larry’s lead and see what happens to your health and your pain.  You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, whether your problem is BACK PAIN, some other sort of pain (HERE), or even some sort of NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEM.  Start by following the links and progress from there.


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