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cleveland clinic physician lets public know that vaccine adjuvants (aluminum) and preservatives (formaldehyde & mercury) are not as safe as we’ve been led to believe


“Why do I mention autism now twice in this article. Because we have to wake up out of our trance and stop following bad advice. Does the vaccine burden – as has been debated for years – cause autism? I don’t know and will not debate that here. What I will stand up and scream is that newborns without intact immune systems and detoxification systems are being over-burdened with preservatives and adjuvants in the vaccines.” Taken from Dr. Daniel Neides’ Friday, January 6 blog post (Make 2017 the Year to Avoid Toxins (Good Luck) and Master Your Domain: Words on Wellness) on the world famous Cleveland Clinic’s website (HERE).  If you want to see this, you had better do so quickly as it is likely to be taken down at any moment.

“Cleveland Clinic is fully committed to evidence-based medicine. Harmful myths and untruths about vaccinations have been scientifically debunked in rigorous ways. We completely support vaccinations to protect people, especially children who are particularly vulnerable. Our physician published his statement without authorization from Cleveland Clinic. His views do not reflect the position of Cleveland Clinic and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”  The statement Cleveland Clinic put out yesterday (Sunday) distanced itself from Neides’ views, promising to take him out behind the woodshed (“Daniel; you’ve been a very naughty boy. Go cut me a switch“).

“I apologize and regret publishing a blog that has caused so much concern and confusion for the public and medical community. I fully support vaccinations and my concern was meant to be positive around the safety of them.”  Dr. Neide’s public apology on the Cleveland Clinic website.  BTW, Neide’s was banned from doing interviews concerning this subject. Apparently a regular on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, Neide’s bio states, “Daniel Neides, MD, MBA is the Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. Dr. Neides is board-certified in Family Medicine and has practiced at The Cleveland Clinic since 1996.” 

His Cleveland Clinic page shows that he is loved and respected by his patients, with 140 reviews, all 5 out of 5 stars.  But don’t be surprised if he is fired, considering he recently found himself in the cross hairs of the notorious “Anti-Vaxxer Bounty Hunters”.  You see, over the course of the past three or four years, being labeled an ANTIVAXXER has taken on connotations virtually the equivalent of being labeled a bigot, homophobe, racist, sexist, puppy killer, or my all-time favorite cover-all-your-bases term; “hater”. 

The thing that’s comical about this whole thing is that as far as I can tell, everything he said is true.  His column was not against vaccines in general, it was against certain common components of vaccines (namely MERCURY & ALUMINUM).  He was writing a post about toxins, and had to mention the toxicity found in vaccines.  And it wasn’t necessarily all vaccines, he was talking specifically about the FLU VACCINE.  Listen to what he says…

“I am tired of all the nonsense we as American citizens are being fed while big business – and the government – continue to ignore the health and well-being of the fine people in this country.  Why am I all fired up, you ask?  I, like everyone else, took the advice of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – the government – and received a flu shot.  I chose to receive the preservative free vaccine, thinking I did not want any thimerasol (i.e. mercury) that the “regular” flu vaccine contains. 

Makes sense, right? Why would any of us want to be injected with mercury if it can potentially cause harm? However, what I did not realize is that the preservative-free vaccine contains formaldehyde.  WHAT? How can you call it preservative-free, yet still put a preservative in it? And worse yet, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Yet, here we are, being lined up like cattle and injected with an unsafe product. Within 12 hours of receiving the vaccine, I was in bed feeling miserable and missed two days of work with a terrible cough and body aches.”

Firstly Dr Neides, whether or not you “chose” to have a flu shot is a moot point, because as someone working in a clinic or hospital, he was going to get one anyway, whether he wanted it or not (HERE).  Furthermore, the CDC states right on it’s website that flu vaccines cannot cause the flu.  “No, a flu shot cannot cause flu illness. The most common side effects from the influenza shot are soreness, redness, tenderness or swelling where the shot was given. Low-grade fever, headache and muscle aches also may occur.” 

While they are correct that flu shots don’t actually cause flu, they do cause flu-like symptoms.  For the record, there’s no difference between the two other than the fact that when you actually have the flu, you have a positive blood test.  As for the mercury; why in the name of corn-on-the-cob would we still be making flu vaccines containing the single most toxic non-radioactive element on planet earth (he had to actually request mercury-free)? 

I’ll not touch on formaldehyde, but suffice it to say that it’s really really toxic as well, although not in the same ballpark as mercury.  The problem is, however, they all contain aluminum.

“The adjuvants, like aluminum – used to stimulate the immune system to create antibodies – can be incredibly harmful to the developing nervous system. Some of the vaccines have helped reduce the incidence of childhood communicable diseases, like meningitis and pneumonia. That is great news. But not at the expense of neurological diseases like autism and ADHD increasing at alarming rates.”

Two biggies here folks; Dr. Neides admits that we are trading chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases (he’ll talk about them momentarily) for childhood diseases (SOMETHING I’VE SPOKEN AT LENGTH ABOUT), and that we are loading men, women, children, and newborns with aluminum.  Why is aluminum so bad?  If you want to get the whole scoop, CLICK HERE, as I wrote an entire post on the subject. 

The thing about aluminum that makes it different from the other two nasties we’ve already discussed, is that its entire purpose in vaccines is to provoke intense immune system (i.e. inflammatory) reactions. INFLAMMATION is the body’s response to tissue damage, and is required for healing said tissues.

This becomes particularly scary once you realize that the end product of inflammation is always some sort of FIBROSIS (Scar Tissue) and that furthermore, fibrosis just happens to be America’s number one cause of death — just ahead of medical errors (HERE).  But we have not even addressed the biggest problem with this whole conundrum.

The modern catch-phrase for practicing politically correct medicine is “evidence” or more frequently, EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE.  In similar fashion to the way one would go after werewolves or vampires with crosses, garlic, wooden stakes and silver bullets, Cleveland Clinic goes after Neides with “best evidence”.  The only problem is, whether we are talking children, the elderly, health care practitioners, pregnant women, or any other group you care to mention, the “evidence” for flu shots in the form of hundreds upon hundreds of studies, stinks. 

In fact, the group that probably responds best to flu vaccine (healthy adults) requires more than seventy people to be vaccinated in order to prevent a single case of the flu.  And for you older folks lining up and clamoring for your shots, those numbers are far worse (ALL OF THIS FOUND HERE). We shouldn’t be surprised considering the devastating amount of fraud taking place in the biomedical research community (see first link in paragraph).

And for all the posturing and pseudo-outrage over Neide’s post, who could argue with his statement that, “Toxins accumulate in our fat cells if they are not eliminated and interrupt normal bodily functions. Your body should be a finely tuned machine with all of the organ systems working in concert together. But when toxins disrupt normal function, problems can occur.” 

Some of the health problems he talks about by name are PARKINSON’S DISEASE, ADHD, ALZHEIMER’S, DIABETES, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, and (double gulp!) AUTISM.  Just before mentioning EPIGENETICS, he reveals how autism rates have exploded in America (“1 in 68 children“).  Sorry, but he’s wrong.  According to our government, they are actually double that (HERE).

This, however, is what happens when the ‘Thought Police’ start taking over academic medicine — it eventually filters down to practicing doctors who not only believe what they believe because it is what they were taught — they believe (or they keep their big traps shut) because dissent means looking for a new job.  Before he passed away a few short years ago, you could have asked DR. HUGH FUDENBERG how well bucking the system worked out.

That’s the problem here; we can’t even have a discussion —- it’s off limits.  Which is the big reasons that vaccine studies tend to skew toward safety. If you do what Dr. Hugh did, prepare to have you life and career destroyed like he did.  Why do you think that more people aren’t speaking up like Dr. Neides? 

It’s not tough to see that BIG PHARMA has rigged the game.  By and large they not only have the medical community firmly in their pockets, they have most of the press in their pockets as well.  How do you combat this, especially when we know that studies can be set up to prove anything you want them to (HERE, HERE, HERE, or HERE)?  It’s exceedingly difficult.  And the studies that can’t be fudged to say what Big Pharma wants them to say; they go to their quiet resting place in the company’s double-locked vault, where they’ll never see the light of day and no one will ever know (HERE).  

Not only have we seen that drug reactions are reported in only about 1 in 100 instances (HERE), we know that in our current environment the reporting for vaccine reactions is surely worse.  Why?  Because how many doctors, professors, or researchers want to be made to look like hacks, quacks, or (triple gulp), antivaxxers?  Bottom line, there are so few physicians reporting to VAERS — even when protocol requires it — that the problem of vaccine safety and efficacy can be dressed up in white lace and largely made to look like it doesn’t exist.  But exist it does.

Case in point, the nearly 400 page medical text by a group of neurologists / immunologists called Vaccines and Autoimmunity. The publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, describes the book thusly…  “In light of the discovery of Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA, Vaccines and Autoimmunity explores the role of adjuvants – specifically aluminum in different vaccines – and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations in genetically prone individuals.

This should not come as a surprise considering that it was only in the last year or so that our body’s lymphatic system was discovered to be directly tied to the nervous system (HERE), which is a big enough discovery that it will eventually change our MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY TEXTBOOKS SUCH AS ‘GUYTON

CANCER researchers discovered that thimerosal downregulates an important immune system enzyme (ERAP1), thus potentially leading to autoimmune and neurological disorders.  The May 2016 issue of ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters (Screening Identifies Thimerosal as a Selective Inhibitor of Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase 1) revealed researchers had,

discovered novel inhibitors of ER aminopeptidase 1, an important enzyme for the human adaptive immune response that has emerged as an attractive target for cancer immunotherapy and the control of autoimmunity…. The latter, also known as thimerosal, a common component in vaccines, was found to inhibit ERAP1 in the submicromolar range… Cell-based analysis indicated that thimerosal can effectively reduce ERAP1-dependent cross-presentation by dendritic cells in a dose-dependent manner.” 

This might not be such a big deal if EARP1 WAS NOT SO CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to so many different areas of physiology and immunity.  I could go on and on, but I need to bring things to a close.

In the same way that Dr. Neides was made to back down, retract, and apologize, so will others trying to do what he did.  This is simple today because most practicing physicians work for “the man” (around here it’s either Cox or Mercy).  This essentially squelches free speech — that is, if you value your career and which side your bread is buttered on.  How do I know this is what’s taking place? 

Mostly because the MD’s that I know that don’t vaccinate their children (or themselves) — or at least don’t vaccinate on a schedule even remotely resembling what’s recommended by the CDC — are not promoting the fact.  They are quietly flying under the radar and simply TRYING TO SURVIVE.


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