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contact your legislators about obama’s blueways


White River National Blueways

Photo by Kbh3rd

If you have not heard of the Executive Order that Obama signed along with several hundred others (this one on January 9th of this year) called The White River National Blueways, you need to educate yourself. This is a big deal, because the government botches just about everything they put their hand to (the Affordable Care Act is a great example).  Contact your legislators (both state and federal) about this huge land grab against the people of Missouri and Arkansas.  1/6th of Missouri counties are affected, and 1/3rd of Arkansas counties are affected by this Executive Order.   Here are a few of the highlights taken directly from the Order.   Note that the words in red are taken directly from the Strategic Plan for the Ozark Blueways.

  • Establish 180 ft wide vegetative buffers along ALL surface water:   Note that this says, all surface water.  Do you live in one of the affected counties and have a pond / lake, creek, or spring on your property?  If so, you will need to do some serious fencing.  And what if you actually live within 180 feet of said surface water?  I guess it doesn’t matter much as long as you don’t love your home.

  • Recruit the National Park Service and USDA Forest Service:  This part of the plan has over half a million acres being put into the Blueway to be managed by several federal organizations.  The plan talks repeatedly about “direct land acquisition“.

  • Develop Conservation plans for 75% of the farms in the designated watersheds:   This means that you no longer control or manage your farm — the government does. You think you’ll be able to get anything done or make a living on your farm?  Think again.

  • Complete restoration of 90,000 acres of farmland to desired condition for wildlife: Stop and think about this for a moment.  We have 1 in 6 Americans on food stamps (HERE), and a supposed hunger problem.  So, the solution is to take nearly 100,000 acres out of production so that snakes and birds can live more comfortably?  That way you can pay extra high prices at the grocery store for Brazilian beef.

  • Recruit Farm Bureau offices in both states to the Blueway managing body:   Lets get as many governmental organizations in on this as is possible since our bureaucracy is not nearly big enough already. 

  • Control encroachment of human activities into the existing floodplain:  What does this really mean? Of course you already know/  It means more rules and regulations, more government intervention and control, and more of your tax dollars flushed down the toilet.  Oh, do you like to hunt, fish, or spend time on the rivers (HERE)?   Large numbers of those who are pushing this agenda want to see these things outlawed as they harm the environment.

  • Initiate the increase of annual, seasonal flooding of agricultural lands for wildlife habitat by 10%:  Just what we all need —- MORE flooding.   Are you kidding me?  Who thinks this stuff up? Oh yeah; those who hide behind the “Green” label, and Washington bureaucrats, who, even though they don’t live here, think they know what is best for you, your land, your business, and your family.

  • Setback levees to restore historic floodplain habitat:  Flooding will be dramatically increased because levees will either be moved or taken out. 

  • Complete reduction of on-farm, consumptive water use by 15%:   More rules and regulations, still more government control, and more permits and inspections that you will have to pay for either directly or via tax dollars.

  • Complete approval of Cache River National Wildlife Refuge boundry by 102,000 acres. Complete approval of White River NWR expansion area boundry by 125,000 acres:   This is over a quarter million acres of expansion!  More taxes, more governmental control and still another expansion of government! 

Folks; the bullet points above are just a small taste of what Ozarkers are in for if we don’t stop the implementation of Obama’s plan.  Our country is 17 trillion dollars in debt and teetering on the brink of insolvency (even though the average person may not have realized this yet).  The last thing we need is more government bureaucrats controlling our lives and our business.   If you live in the Ozarks but don’t know about Blueways, you’ll need to be at the meeting of the PRC (Property Rights Congress) in Mountain Grove, on Thursday, June 27th at the Hayloft Restaurant (7:00 pm to 9:00 pm).

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