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Blood Sugar Solutions

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Let’s be honest with each other for a moment.  Who wouldn’t like to sample any number of these French desserts on the left?  The problem is, you pay a price for consuming sugar.  Any amount of sugar.   Unfortunately, the more sugar you consume, the greater the price you’ll pay.  Many people don’t understand this.  They tend think that as long as they are not fat, they can pretty much get away with eating whatever they please.  This is almost never true (HERE), and the overall health issues facing our nation (PARTICULARLY OBESITY) are proof. 

Recently, Yahoo ran an article by Eve O. Schaub called, “My Family Stopped Eating Sugar for a Year and This is What Happened“.  This short article chronicled the effects of her family of four going without sugar for one year after realizing that, “sugar is the thing that is making so many Americans fat and sick“.  After cutting out any and all foods containing added sugar, she began noticing changes.  Some of the effects she described after going without sugar for a year included things like dramatically fewer sick days for her children (less illness), more energy, feeling healthier, feeling stronger, etc.  The thing that sealed the deal for her was when she consumed a piece of banana cream pie on her husband’s birthday.  After going a year without sugar and then eating only a few pieces of a slice of pie, she virtually passed out on the couch for an hour with a racing heart and splitting headache. 

Why don’t we all react like this when we eat sugar?  For the same reason that a heroin addict feels that fleeting feeling after ingesting the drug.  But it doesn’t take long for their body to begin screaming for the next fix.  Fail to get it, and the addict will get physically sick.  Many of us (self included) are SUGAR ADDICTS.  And when we want to fool ourselves or others, we simply SUBSTITUTE “BAD” SUGAR FOR “GOOD” SUGAR.  The problem is, even if the crazy amounts of sugar we are consuming is not (yet) making us fat (trust me; it will), it is making us unhealthy.  The truth is, almost every non-genetic disease we can think of (and many that are widely considered to be “GENETIC“) can be traced back to Uncontrolled Blood Sugar (HERE is one such example).  Uncontrolled Blood Sugar simply means that whether or not your the numbers on your blood test are within range, you are putting massive stress on your Endocrine System via the sugar you are consuming.  The following are some of the many posts that pertain directly to blood sugar (these are in no particular order).

If you spend any amount of time on my site, you’ll find others — many others (HERE is one I thought of after I finished).  If you want any hope at solving your Chronic Illnesses, you must get your blood sugar under strict control.  For those of you who are seriously struggling with CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY ILLNESSES or GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, CHEATING is not an option.


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