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directions to mountain view, missouri


Mountain View, Missouri

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Howell County, Missouri

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Missouri is in the center of the US.  Mountain View is in the South Central portion of the state, in Howell County, which borders Arkansas.
I am amazed at how difficult it is to get to Mountain View.  But I must admit; the ferry ride was fabulous.   An East Coast patient who was in the process of taking an extremely circuitous route from St. Louis.  They were crossing AKER’S FERRY at the time.

It was definitely a beautiful drive from Branson.  But honestly, three and a half hours of hills and curves just about did me in.  A patient who recently flew in to Branson and took highways 160 and 17 to get here, instead of 65 and 60.

While it’s true that I live in the proverbial boonies, I am not as hard to get to as these two emails would suggest.  The problem is that both of these individuals emailed me after trusting their trip to their GPS’s, each of them adding over an hour to their drive time.  WARNING:  Do not trust your GPS to get you to Mountain View via the quickest route. In this neck of the woods, your GPS is more likely to take you the most scenic route, which is great if you are piggy-backing your trip here WITH A VACATION.

I know all the back roads in this area of the country because I am an avid GOLDWINGER.  They are fabulous if you are into that sort of thing.  But because this is the Ozarks —- and because we have lots of RIVERS, lakes, and ‘mountains’ in the general area — you will almost certainly want to stay on main roads to make your travel both easier and faster.  Whichever airport you fly into, or whichever route you chose to drive, make sure to actually look at a map beforehand (in other words, the route that appears shortest might not be the shortest).  Otherwise you might end up on the ferry — and if it happens to be closed, it’s a long way around.


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