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Neuroendocrine System

Dr. Datis Kharrazian is one of the most brilliant individuals you have never heard of.  You don’t get invited on “Coma-Busting” missions to Europe with DR. TED CARRICK unless you know your stuff!  No one, and I mean no one blends the practice of Functional Medicine / Functional Neurology with the Scientific Medical Literature the way that Dr. K does.  The list of his post-graduate degrees and accomplishments would take an hour to list.  Besides sitting on the editorial board of the Journal of Functional Neurology,  Dr. Kharrazian is board certified in numerous specialties including

  • Diplomate of the Board of Nutrition Specialists
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Nutrition
  • Diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology
  • Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology

His unique brand of Functional Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinology has earned him a world-wide reputation as the person that people turn to when there is absolutely no where else to turn.  His first book, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal? (Thyroid Book) has been the number-one selling thyroid book on Amazon since 2009 (and his Brain Health Book is not far behind).   His command of AUTOIMMUNITY, Hormone / Endocrine imbalances, and neurological disorders, is second to none.  However, it is his work with Apex Energetics that I am personally grateful for. 

Dr. K has created about 30 different Seminar Modules for learning how to effectively deal with the common Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine problems that are burying our country alive, and are taught by others who are trying to emulate Kharrazian’s work (this one was taught by the venerable Steve Noseworthy of Tampa, FL).  You see, although the medical community understands Pathology, they do not largely understand Functional Deficits (HERE).  The series of seminars created by Dr. K are all about addressing the underlying Functional Deficits that are causing the vast majority of our country’s Chronic Illness.

Dr. K does not make half-cocked statements (like I have a tendency to do).  Everything he says or does is backed by the scientific literature.  So when he says that celiac disease is the manifestation of GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, but that it manifests very differently in the Neurological System (MS, ALS, PARKINSON’S, ALZHEIMER’S, etc) my ears perk up.   I gathered all sorts of other fun-facts from Dr. Noseworthy as well.  for instance….

  • 90% of the brain’s Motor Output is into the Vagus Nerve via the Pontulo-Medulary-Reticular-Formation.  In English, this means that the largest majority of your brain’s motor activity controls THE GUT (could be just one of the reasons that the gut is referred to as the “Second Brain”).


  • The brain has 10 times more Immune System Cells (GLIAL CELLS) in it than it does Nerve Cells.


  • Every seminar I attend paints a worse picture of Gluten that the seminar before it.  Gluten is more neuro-toxic than I ever dreamed —- way more toxic.  The Scientific Literature is now linking Gluten to almost every imaginable Neurological Disease.  And if you happen to carry the gentic makeup for Gluten Sensitivity (83% of all Americans do), the more you expose yourself to this protein, the greater the chance of developing a full-blown GLUTEN-RELATED AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE or serious NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION.  In fact, the prestigious medical journal Gastroenterology said back in 2005 that, Celiac Disease [wheat sensitivity that is seen in the Small Intestine] has long been associated with neurologic and psychological disorders including ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, epilepsy, dementia, and depression.”  We also discussed a yet-to-be published study discussing the fact that Gluten now contains at least 6 proteins that were not in existence 20 years ago.  The wheat we are eating today is not the same wheat that Jesus ate — or that our grandparents ate for that matter (HERE).  And furthermore, you cannot effectively go “GLUTEN FREE” without first learning about the GLUTEN CROSS REACTORS.

  • Stress actually changes the flora (bacteria) in your gut from good to bad, causing a host of systemic (whole body) health problems (this sounds a lot like “PLEOMORPHISM“).  It is critical to understand that 80% of your body’s entire Immune System lives in your gut (HERE). 


  • Healing the Gut is probably the most important factor in healing the body —- no matter what your problem is.  Fifteen years ago there was a huge debate within the medical community over the existence of “LEAKY GUT SYNDROME” (they call it Increased Intestinal Permeability).  Within the next year, the number of scientific studies / papers on this subject will pass the 10,000 mark.


  • The really cool thing about all of this, is that there are now very accurate lab tests for all of this —- tests that were not around just a few years ago.

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