elbow tendinosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, & chronic neck pain


A few years back, Larry stopped in at Summersville to get a haircut.  He was complaining about an ongoing case of ELBOW TENDINOSIS that he had tried just everything for, including PRP and STEROID INJECTIONS.  Nothing had helped.  RONNIE HARPER was in the barber chair and suggested that he come down here to see us.  Not only did Larry see a huge and immediate change, he referred his wife in and she has seen huge changes as well with her CHRONIC NECK PAIN (she had previously been through a neck surgery).  We also solved a case of CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME that Larry had recently developed.

Larry recently made some huge strides with his CHRONIC SINUS / COUGH / ALLERGIES simply by following the advice of a book he had been reading, and eating nothing but WHOLE FOODS.  He loaned me the book, It Starts With Food which I will be reviewing shortly.  It already looks good.  Thanks Larry and Shirley!

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