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menthol cigarettes promote respiratory health


Menthol Cigarettes

The Tobacco Industry is evil.  They hooked millions of soldiers by giving out free or nearly free cigarettes during WWII.  They ran all sorts of ads telling the public how smoking was good for them, and that more doctors chose Camel than any other brand.  They chemically altered the nicotine (HERE) to make it even more addictive.  In fact, cigarettes were regularly touted for health benefits up until the 1950’s, with Camel, Lucky Strike, and Chesterfield duking it out for the title of most healthy smokes (the cigarette most associated with weight loss, increased energy, better sex, etc, etc).  Then in the 1920’s, we saw the advent of the “Menthol Cigarette”.
By the early 1930’s, the “Kool” brand had become the only major player selling menthols, which were among other things, being touted in OLD ADVERTISEMENTS for their health benefits — particularly pertaining to respiratory health (ASTHMA, ALLERGIES, COUGHS, SORE THROATS, etc, etc).  Did the American public buy this?  Many must have, as I have seen that many prominent singers, including Nat King Cole, chain smoked Kools for their supposed benefits to the throat (could be why he died of CANCER at age 45). 

Although menthol can be made from peppermint or other mint oils, it is made for commercial means synthetically.  One of its unique properties is the ability to stimulate nerves that sense cold without actually changing the temperature of the tissue.   Many muscle rubs as well as “Vick’s” have similar properties.

Two days ago, the FDA issued a paper on the effects of menthol in cigarettes (something they also did back in March of 2011).  It finally looks like a ban is coming.  The problem with menthol cigarettes is not that they are somehow more toxic than regular cigarettes, but that the research has shown how many young people begin their smoking habit with menthols or other flavored smokes (these have since been banned).  For some reason, studies have shown that it is harder for people to stop smoking menthol cigarettes than it is for them to stop smoking normal cigarettes.
Interestingly enough, because there is a disproportionate number of blacks and other minorities addicted to menthol cigarettes (80% of those who smoke menthols are black), several organizations (The Congress of Racial Equality, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, The National Black Police Association, etc) have petitioned the FDA not to ban menthols because doing so might cause a black market to spring up for smuggled menthol smokes.  Oh, by the way, the National Association of Convenience Stores opposes a ban as well.

The bottom line is that I would strongly suggest that if you smoke; QUIT!  I see 18 year old kids looking for anything to help them stop smoking.  They are already deep into the world of hardcore addiction, and they know it.  If you smoke, you are not only likely to die early, but to die a long, drawn-out, and painful death.  Do what it takes to quit the cigarettes today!  And while you are at it, can the SUGAR ADDICTION as well.


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