ethiopian adoption two years in


Ethiopian Adoption

On October 15th of 2011, our lives were forever changed by our new daughters, Grace and Addie.  That is the day that Aaron and I arrived at Springfield with the four girls (HERE).  These little girls have been a blessing to all of us.  They are hard workers, they are extremely smart, they make friends easily, and they both have a deep love for God.    In all honesty, if God would have let me create my idea of the perfect children to become part of our family, I could not have come remotely close to these two girls.  I will leave you with a funny story.

As you might imagine, our girls (all three of them) are very athletic, and all grew up playing soccer from the time they were old enough to kick a ball (Michaela played for me at age 3).  Grace and Addie both play on the U-10 team that I coach (a team that was undefeated this year).   One of the coaches from another team — a good team (we tied them once and beat them by 1 the next time) was having a conversation with a buddy of his who, unbeknownst to him, we happen to attend church with.  They got to talking about the number of adopted children in our church, and this coach said to Chris, “You wouldn’t happen to go to church with a family from Mountain View that has a couple of black girls would you?”  When Chris answered in the affirmative, the opposing coach said with great enthusiasm, “Tell him that I want his girls to play on my team for the Show Me Games this summer“. 

God has been good to us. 

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