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fred and diane harmon:  goldwing mechanic & english teacher


(While Having Fun and Making Some Friends in the Process)

You’re right Russ; after working on the F-16 program for so many years, motorcycles really aren’t that complex.  Fred Harmon sitting around our dinner table talking

I started square dancing when I was 9 years old.  The problem is, I quit when I was 10.  Fred explaining to the caller that even though he was from Fort Worth Texas, he was not a professional square dancer

Fred Harmon Goldwing

I recently had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Fred and Diane Harmon of Fort Worth, Texas.  For the past quarter century, Fred worked as an Aeronautical Engineer inside of Lockheed Martin’s F-16 program.  Recently, he gave that up to become a full time motorcycle mechanic.  He focuses his efforts on two bikes; the Honda Goldwing (specifically the GL1800) and the Kawasaki Concourse (1400).  Although YouTube knock-
 offs abound, Fred made a name for himself in the motorcycle community ten years ago by creating the Do-It-Yourself Videos for general maintenance and repairs of both machines (HONDA GOLDWING / KAWASAKI CONCOURSE).  As far as what he did for my Goldwing, all I can say is WOW!    Fred’s expertise as a Honda Goldwing Mechanic is second to none!  I only thought my Wing was running good before Fred got a hold of it.

I have taken several significant rides, both by myself and two up — some of it with my wife and some with my son.  Since having the work done, I have been all over highway 9 in Arkansas, Scenic 7 through Jasper between Harrison and Russellville, practically the entire length of 76 between Willow Springs and Branson, large chunks of 14, 160, and 181, and part of 17, 19, and 137 here close to home —- scenic Ozark Mountain roads one and all (my wife’s facebook page is loaded with photos).  And all have plenty of twisties.  For those who will invariably ask, I run a yellow 2001 GL1800 with Progressive Monotubes in the front, the Progressive Spring in the rear, a MADSTAD WINDSHIELD, a Bridgestone 709 on the front balanced with Centramatics, and a Michelin Primacy Alpin (run-flat) on the rear, balanced with Dynabeads (it’s a long story).  Yeah; I’m one of those crazy DARKSIDERS who, after experiencing the difference, won’t ever give up my CT.

Knowing that the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND was not for them, Fred and Diane both prayed about finding a solution for the CHRONIC PAIN that she had been dealing with (and getting progressively worse) for many years.  Due to a number of different factors, Diane came to the realization that she needed to find a chiropractor.  The only question now was which one?  About a week after her revelation, Fred went to Diane to tell her of a crazy Chiropractor from Mountain View, Missouri who had contacted him out of the blue, offering his ‘expertise‘ (word used loosely), if Fred would be willing to travel to southern Missouri and do some work on his YELLOW GLThey were both excited about the prospect and made the trip here, via my favorite riding state, ARKANSAS

After examining Diane, I thought right away that I could help her.  Although generally ‘healthy’ Diane had a wide variety of common and not-so-common complaints.  Insomnia, equilibrium issues, bloating, PROBABLE GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, SYMPATHETIC DOMINANCE, CHRONIC NECK PAIN, POSTERIOR TIBIAL TENDINOSIS, WRIST TENDINOSIS / DeQUERVAIN’S, a probable LEAKY GUT, along with a few others.  I explained to Diane that the TENDINOSIS she was dealing with might not be MULTIPLE LOCAL PROBLEMS, but instead could be some sort of SYSTEMIC TENDINOSIS, which is actually one of the numerous AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES.   Either way, I figured it could be dealt with.

I used a number of treatment protocols on Diane, including CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS, a couple of different WHOLE FOOD NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS, some NUTRITIONAL ADVICE, SCAR TISSUE REMODELING followed immediately by COLD LASER THERAPY, a STRETCHING PROTOCOL including time on the DAKOTA TRACTION UNIT, as well as a number of brain-based exercises to strengthen an extremely weak right-sided cerebellum (HERE).  I also cast her for some orthotics that were custom built by Shawn Eno, owner of XTREME FOOTWERKS in Idaho Springs, CO.  The results were predictably rapid as you can see her testimonial at the bottom of the page.

Over the course of their three day stay, we had Fred and Diane in our home a number of times.  It was a blast!  Fred is a humble, soft-spoken genius —- a true Christian gentleman whose expertise lies in solving problems with anything mechanical or electrical.  On the other hand, his wife Diane who teaches English as a second language, has the propensity to get a bit more animated (“animated” might be an understatement).  It is incredible to be around people who have the hand of God all over their lives (Diane was instrumental in helping to start a Nepalese church in their area).  

Since we homeschool our kids, my 15 year old son who is far more mechanical than I am, got to spend a significant amount of time working with Fred and learning from him (he actually did the valves on the left side of the Wing).  Having the opportunity to meet and spend time with folks like Fred and Diane is why I never plan on retiring.  We’ll get them here in the summer time, when we can take them to the CURRENT RIVER with us.  Thanks for the memories.  We look forward to doing it again soon!  




Do you have a GL 1800 Goldwing that needs some work done to it?  Maybe you need some Goldwing Maintenance (air filter, rear drive, brakes, fork rebuild, valve job, actuator, suspension, electrical system, etc, etc)?  Or maybe you need some fairly extensive repairs?  It might be that you are just looking to have some accessories (“Farkles” as they are often called) installed?  If I were you, I would call Fred first (he can be easily reached via his website).  The money you will save by riding / trailering to Fort Worth, and spending a nite or two in a motel if needed, will be well worth the time and effort.  You will know that you are having things done right the first time.  If I have my way, my bike will be maintained by Fred (and / or my son), until I finally give up riding. 


Unbeknownst to me until he forwarded me a link, Fred, one of the leaders on the GL1800 Riders Message Board, wrote A POST concerning he and Diane’s experience here.  Since they have relatives in the St. Louis area (and are contemplating retiring to the Ozarks of northern Arkansas, southern Missouri, I will be able to periodically check her progress and treat her as needed.  Here is Diane’s first progress report (I saw her two and a half weeks ago).   Thanks Diane.  You are far too kind with your words.
My name is Diane Harmon. I am 58 years old. Before I went to see Doctor Schierling,I had chronic pain in my right ankle, right hand, both wrists, right knee, and my upper back and neck, for almost 30 years. It was very difficult for me to move around and walk. I had to get on an electric scooter when I went grocery shopping and I couldn’t turn my head to see my blind spot when I drove my car. I thought I had no hope and no help after seeing many doctors, many tests, and many x-rays. What I got from other MD doctors were pain pills, prescriptions, steroids, and / or a plan for a surgery. The doctors could not pinpoint what was wrong with me. My chronic pain was getting worse everyday to the point that I did not want to live.

Some friends and family members tried to stop me to see a Chiropractor and attacked chiropractic treatment that a chiropractor is not an MD doctor. I thank God He lead me to see Doctor Schierling.

I went to see Doctor Schierling in the middle of October, 2013. After the doctor treated me for about 25 minutes, he could tell me what was causing my chronic pain.  Before long, I could turn my head almost like normal people.  The pain in my right ankle, neck, upper back, hands and wrists disappeared like a miracle after my first treatment.

Most of all, I could go out dancing the next day after my first treatment. Everyday I go shopping at a grocery store, I can walk like a normal 58 years old woman. I do not have to get on an electric scooter any more. I still have no pain in my body. Thank you God for giving Doctor Schierling to us. I have my life back.

What makes Dr. Schierling unique is:

1. He has a gift of healing from God .
2. He is very humble, sincere( very down to earth doctor) and he gives credit of his healing work to God’s glory,
3. He has genuine love and care for every of his patients. Every patient is very important to him.
4. When he treats his patient, it is not only in a very professional manner but also very personal. He can feel the pain with his patients while he is treating them with his healing touch.
5. His treatment does not stop after you leave his clinic. It is like the doctor follows each of his patients home to continue on giving his treatment. His patients can still get benefits and can improve their health of their particular problem from reading his news letter online that he put out every single day with genuine love and care.
6. His clinic is in a small peaceful town, where the patients do not have to be worried about parking spots, traffic jams, or air and noise pollution. Most of all, the doctor takes his time to be with each of his patients, and does not hurry to finish up.


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