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final poll results on d’s vaccination refusal

What Do Medical Professionals Think? – Poll Results

“I use to be a strong advocate for the flu shot, and I had gotten my flu shot every year, however three years ago I had an “adverse reaction” to the vaccine, and now my left arm (non-dominant) is in constant pain, everyday I have sharp pains radiating down to my forearm and hand. Initially, my shoulder remained swollen for several months, and my arm was essentially useless because of the intensity of pain. That same pain now radiates to my left hand and has really affecting the use of my left thumb. I have to wear a thumb spicca splint to limit the use of my thumb, I cannot sleep on my left side because the pressure on my left shoulder is excruciating. I’ve tried every type of medical option recommended (except surgical) and nothing has helped. I no longer get the flu shot What I had learned from reading about the flu shot, and how there are thousands of people who had the same reaction that I had ( some are on disability because of the flu shot.) makes me wonder why no one else is talking about this alleged “rare” reaction? They give you this piece of paper stating “minor reactions” No one can tell me how long this “reaction” is going to last? I’ll never get another flu shot but I’ll keep my Tamiflu handy.”  Dr. K.B. from the MedPage Poll HERE is an article I wrote earlier this week on Tamiflu.

“There are absolutely NO legitimate medical or religious reasons not to get the shot. Anyone in healthcare who refuses it doesn’t belong in healthcare. They not only should be fired, they should lose their licenses….  Flu is spread through the respiratory tract through droplets, NOT by hands. THE most effective prevention, by far, is the vaccine. Washing hands has negligible effect on this. Leave this topic for those of us with a science/medical education.”Dr. Justin Hamlin of Taliquah, Oklahoma chiming in with his two-cents on the MedPage poll.  Interestingly enough, I have several patients from the Taliquah area (HERE is one of them).

Nurse Refuses Shot

A few weeks ago, Pennsylvania nurse, DB, was fired from her job as an RN because of her refusal to take a Flu Shot (HERE and HERE).  After reading these and other posts on the entity we refer to as EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE, it’s easy to understand why D, currently with child after two recent miscarriages, had serious apprehensions about having this POTENTIALLY-DANGEROUS VACCINE injected into her body.  But one person’s opinion (mine) doesn’t matter for much when it comes to government-mandated policies (federal monies are being tied to vaccination rates in healthcare facilities).  What I am more interested in is what the medical community as a whole thinks about this issue.  Now you can find out. 

Poll Results

MedPage Today — a free service that puts current medical research and relevant health-related topics in my inbox every day — ran a poll this week asking whether healthcare professionals should be fired for a refusal to take a FLU SHOT (it should be noted that MedPage is mainstream, and not a source of information on “Alternative Medicine”).  This is not the first time I have discussed a MEDPAGE POLL, and it’s not likely to be the last (next week’s poll pertains to the 8-plus percent of physicians who still smoke (HERE).   If polarizing topics are of interest to you, this might be right up your alley.  If you value your freedom to make your own healthcare choices, I would suggest that you take just a moment to at least glance at the 119 comments filed under FLU SHOTS: GET ONE OR BE FIRED?

Amazingly enough, less than 18% of the nearly 5,500 voters (mostly healthcare providers) thought D should be fired no matter what, while 56% believed she should have complete freedom to reject the vaccine — even in the absence of a medical or religious exemption.

Flu Shot Refusal

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