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five years of forearm and wrist pain solved in a single visit


Alan and his wife made the six hour trip from Topeka, Kansas to come and see me about a month ago.  Five years ago, Alan was pulling cable off a huge spool that was not turning like it should have been.  Although he had some initial pain and soreness in his hands, wrists and forearms, the problem rapidly deteriorated to the point Alan was all but totally unable to function, living every day with severe and constant wrist pain. 

Every little thing he did fired it up and caused tremendous amounts of wrist pain and forearm pain that might take days to subside to a level that was tolerable.   As you might imagine, they had spent an inordinate amount of money on tests and treatments, with nothing to show for it.  The PAIN was so severe it was keeping him from doing his job and forcing him to contemplate getting rid of long-term family businesses (plural).

I have a special place in my heart for KANSAS FARMERS, and had a great time conversing with and getting to know Alan and Julie while I worked.  Whether or not there is more treatment needed, they are officially considered friends — something that was true even before I caught wind of his great results.  In fact, if things work out, there’s a chance they could wind up at next year’s pack rat hunt, which will be likely be held about a half hour north of where they live.

Below is the unsolicited email, published verbatim, as I received it from them yesterday.  Just to let you know, Alan had a nasty combination of FASCIAL ADHESIONS and hardcore TENDINOSIS that ran from just above his elbows, through his wrist area, to the palms of his hands and even out onto his fingers (not to be confused with DUPUYTREN’S CONTRACTURE).

Dr. Schierling,

The verdict is finally in on whether the treatment worked….IT DID!  Alan had immediate although not quite complete relief, but couldn’t quite believe it.  He stretched just like he was supposed to for the two weeks following, and it kept getting better.  The third week he did some vehicle and machinery repairs, had some major pain that night at bedtime, it was gone when he woke up! 

He then actually went to work and placed some phone lines, again, had some soreness in his hands, and once again, it was gone by the next morning.  It is now just about a month out.  Although he has been afraid to say that it worked after 5 years of pain, he said it last night! 🙂 

He said it has felt different since the treatment, but was afraid to say actually it was healing.  He cut an entire truckload of wood and several hedge-posts by himself, and is now welding new feeders for his cattle.  I am amazed at the simplicity of the treatment and the results.  He now has the option to keep and run his businesses and the relief is unbelievable.  He is thinking he may need one more treatment but is waiting to see just how much more healing takes place.

Can’t say thank you enough, and we are praying that you will continue to be blessed as you use the talents and abilities God has given you.  Our daughters said they haven’t seen Dad like this in years, his eyes are pain free! 

Thank you and God Bless!!
Julie Ribelin, Topeka, Kansas


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